Facilities formations and units SOUTH modern communication technology is about 80%

As part of a comprehensive re troops SOUTH digital communications in the current year in the military units received about 26 thousand units of new technology and communication systems. As a result, the communications unit of the county are almost no models of equipment issue earlier in 2008 to replace the outdated portable radios previous generation came to the radio station complexes "Aqueduct" and "Granite", is lightweight, easy to use and modern characteristics.

Also in the unit arrived convenient portable satellite station "BELOZEROV", to the sustainability of secure communications and data transfer on any terrain, satellite stations "Downpour", advanced command and staff vehicles "Constellation" and other equipment.

Field communication nodes associations and connections Military District are equipped with modern radio "Artek" on the basis of KAMAZ vehicles and BTR-80. Radio stations of this type can provide radio communications in the three radio networks.In addition, in the event SOUTH performed for the conversion of fixed command and communication centers military units of digital telecommunications equipment, which enables data transmission in the open and secret language between the control points on the scale of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation on the principle of "e-mail" as well as an automated telephone connection to telephone networks and open communication regime.

Retooling communication nodes also includes upgrades to existing systems channeling, laying of fiber-optic communication lines, installation of digital microwave and satellite stations.

In general, the equipment of military units and formations SOUTH modern communication technology in the current year is around 80%, while in 2013 this figure will rise to 90%.

In 2013, in the military units of the Southern Military District (SOUTH) will receive the first radio station of the sixth generation of "Passion." In total, over the next year is planned to supply about 23 thousand of these radio stations.

The newest radio station is designed to provide noise immunity, and razvedzaschischennoy secret radio control at the tactical level. It can be customized to almost any frequency band to operate even with a mobile telephone and receive various kinds of modulated signal. This software supports all current radio station and future communication standards, as well as changing radio protocols.

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