Factory Audit UAZ-Patriot

Since the start of production at the plant UAZ Patriot procedure was introduced audit finished car. Until recently, it was held twice a week, and now nearly all the model line, the UAZ Patriot, SGR and CPR are inspected daily, due to the stringent requirements of consumers. Each day, trained auditors inspect the quality control department three cars of different modifications, taken from the daily production.

  • UAZ Patriot
  • UAZ Patriot


So, the final audit of the car — the car is spot-checking the professional auditor to the international principles GCA (Global Customer Audit) from the point of view of the consumer. This practice is used in many major carmaker, including Korean, Japanese and American. In this procedure, careful monitoring are the interior and exterior, comfort and handling, as well as compliance with the mandatory requirements prescribed in the specification.

In addition to the auditors involved in the process of quality managers and production executives, professionals OTC, technologists. Isspolzuya international experience and learning from the experience of other companies of the holding Sollers, UAZ specialists adapt it for their own base, constantly improving the technique. In November, introduced a new document — list of B + (sheet activity tracking the defects detected during the audit). It reflects the picture revealed defect, commented as blemishes on which the operation originated (with the performer of the operation), the deterrent effect of prescribed and indicated the need for global action to address it. Sheet B + is accompanied by a check-sheet, which reflects the cross-checking of the identified defect in the stream (whether it is present in cars, who went on sale). After all measures to eliminate the defect, sheet B + is closed, that is taken into account in a master-piece.

However, monitoring of waste defect continues for a week. After two weeks, the auditors checked again the effectiveness of the measures taken to address the non-compliance and a positive result, repeat the procedure in six months. If this defect occurs again, leaf B + opens again. This system is convenient, it allows you to quickly intervene in the process of manufacturing the car. Thanks to the easy to trace the history of non-compliance and measures to combat it. When re-identification of the defect, we already know what methods of fixing it made, and without repeating, we can develop other, more effective, — says the head of UGC AQL AD Strel’nikov.

In addition, in November, on the line test UAZ Patriot ISDN was made an observation well equipped with special lighting to detect damage to the paintwork and other external defects, and spherical mirrors, which help in checking the light alarm. The amount of investment totaled about 500 thousand rubles. Now the process of viewing the finished car was not only convenient but also better quality.

Lyricist — Daria Bodryakova, the newspaper "Panorama UAZ" 27/11/2012 city

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