Factory Bryansk Arsenal has developed a new career grader


Factory "Bryansk Arsenal" has developed a new career grader GS-25.12, designed for large volumes of work in road construction. New motor grader — is a powerful compared to the previous model machine with improved consumer characteristics.

The machine is equipped with a switchable leading hydrostatic front axle on the basis of completing Bosh-Rexroth, the use of which can improve the performance grader, improve traction, so — and expand the use of technology: now the machine can work with the soil category 4 and density to cope with a given volume works twice as fast.

New motor grader equipped with an engine JAMZ-326 235 hp, hydraulic mechanical transmission with an automatic transmission ZF, as well as bogie NAF. The cabin graders improved visibility due to changes in the configuration and interior decoration, as well as air conditioning, which creates a more comfortable and safe working conditions for the machine operator.

Career graders Series GS-25.12 are designed to work on soil category I-IV without loosening, but on a more solid ground — with preliminary opening at a temperature of -40 to +40 degrees in a temperate climate. Technique has been successfully applied to large volumes of excavation and grading operations in different road conditions, construction, and is also used in railway, airport, land reclamation, irrigation and hydraulic engineering.

Serial production of the motor grader GS-25.12 will start in April 2012, the technique will be presented for the first time from May 29 to June 4 at the international exhibition "Construction Equipment and Technologies 2012".

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