Factory Bryansk Arsenal supplied its first graders to the Republic of Benin

Factory "Bryansk Arsenal" (venture «RM-Terex») supplied its first graders to the Republic of Benin. The solemn transfer of technology operating organizations was held during the National Day, "the harvest", which was attended by President of the Republic of Benin.

As part of the contract have been delivered graders GS-14.03, intended for the construction and maintenance of roads. Technique comes with Deutz engine 117 kW (160 hp), hydro-mechanical transmission with an automatic transmission ZF, NAF bogie with a differential type No-Spin.

To improve the reliability and safety of equipment during construction works in humid tropical climate took a number of design improvements of these machines. The first step was taken into consideration comfort and safety for the operator. Cab grader has a good sound insulation through the use of modern materials. Spacious interior, informative instrument panel, air conditioning, comfortable controls and a full-round visibility creates confidence of the operator for the work.

On motor graders equipped with electronic systems to ensure the efficient operation of equipment in the harshest conditions with a combination of high ambient temperatures and high humidity. The machine design provides easy access to components and assemblies for maintenance and repair.

Michael Sinotin, managing director of the factory "Bryansk Arsenal": "The production of new technology in the framework of cooperation with new partners from the Republic of Benin — a new stage in the development of product line" Bryansk Arsenal. " The company specialists have developed an affordable, high-quality equipment adapted to the region with a hot equatorial climate. To date, we signed a contract for the supply of cars in 2013 "

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