Factory Rec (St. Petersburg) completed an order for the supply of equipment for TSAGI

Made a special request for modernization of the hypersonic installations Central hydrodynamic Institute

October 10 in Moscow region was shipped set of equipment and materials, manufactured at the plant "RECOM" by special request for technical re-equipment and reconstruction of hypersonic systems and strength stands Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Central Aero-Hydrodynamic Institute named after Professor NE Zhukovsky". 

Order feature is that in addition to standard products such as lenses sealing, flange screw, elliptical bottom flanges and plugs, had to be made, to meet the increasing technical requirements, large reservoirs with fittings. These collectors are used in systems hypersonic wind tunnel T-116 FSUE "TSAGI" which is designed to test models hypersonic aircraft, rockets and spacecraft at a flow rate of M = 20.

Order fulfillment, technical service factory "RECOM" in collaboration with the design of the customer services have developed a great deal of technical and operational documentation. Has been designed and manufactured special equipment for the manufacture of reservoirs.

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