FAF has received new equipment

Fisheries inspectors to the North-West region will fight poaching on new cars and boats. As reported by "BaltInfo" the press service of the North West Regional Control Rosrybolovstva today head SZTU Rosrybolovstva Denis Belyaev hand over the keys to the new vehicle inspectors of departments of state control and supervision of Fisheries in St. Petersburg, Leningrad and Novgorod regions.

As part of the ceremony will be awarded thanks for the faithful performance of public duties and active participation in anti-corruption measures — Voluntary Public inspectors Northwest Territorial Administration Rosrybolovstva assigned to the line of work for the prevention of corruption and other offenses.

"Improving the logistics before the spawning season, the enactment of prohibitions on the production of marine biological resources, aimed at improving performance in the fight against poaching. In the use of the departments of state control comes SUVs LADA («VAZ-2121" "Field") and powerboats MASTER-510 ", — the press-service of the Ministry.
Boats MASTER 510 — aluminum boats increased seaworthiness for any bodies of water and coastal sea swimming at a wave height of 1 meter and a maximum distance from the coast up to 5 kilometers. These boats have reinforced Hold-suite, two consoles with windscreens on the sides and comfortable swivel chairs, a deck of corrugated aluminum. The boat is equipped with Electropomp, mast with navigation lights, steering system, fuel tank of 100 liters.
"The acquisition and use of new technology will not only strengthen its position in the field of protection during the spawning season, but also to contribute to the development of the fisheries of the North-West region, which is an important economic sector in many regions of the Russian Federation and in the whole country," — claim in regional management Rosrybolovstva.
In addition, before the end of the year in the Northwest Territorial Administration Rosrybolovstva expected to arrive 34 UAZ cars, two motor boats MASTER-651 and KC-110 boats.

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