Falling fireballs


22.12.03, the


Residents of the department of the Hautes Pyrenees, not far from the border with Spain, for several weeks in a row can not get over it — on their heads from the sky and then falling fireballs, says "Work". It all started with the fact that the eyes of the inhabitants of a small village Kyugyuron bright flaming sphere crossed the night sky and fell near the house. According to an eyewitness, the scope of the size of a handball ball and continued to burn on the ground.
A week later, six kilometers from the village next to the Kyugyurona Tibiran-Zhonak phenomenon again. "It was at 11.30, — says the 40-year-old plasterer Eric Dambeat. — I just picked in the garden, when he saw the top of a huge speed hit two balls. One fell near a small river that flows nearby, and another hit the land is literally a meter away from the place where I was standing. " The messenger of the cosmos that little bit more and would have moved ahead of Darby in the kingdom of heaven, was a light brown bovine spongiform round body.
It is clear that the witnesses contacted police, and she, in turn, has informed the National Center for Space Research, in which there is a special service for the examination of rare aerospace phenomena (SERAYA). This service, established in 1951, has collected more than six thousand eyewitness accounts based on data received from the military and civilian aviators, compiled 112 detailed reports. As the half-century of experience SERAYA of one hundred cases in 23 talking about the phenomena whose origin is as a result of natural disasters or human activity can be established very clearly. In the 24 — to the various caveats, 40 remain unsolved because of lack of data, and only 13 — that's the anomaly, that is, when it is impossible to explain the phenomena of nature, at least at the current stage of development of science.
While experts from SERAYA investigate what is left of the "fireball", the residents of the Hautes Pyrenees, are actively discussing the incident. Some joke that it is, they say, Americans are so manifest discontent France that they are not supported in an effort to deal with Baghdad with weapons. Others seriously believe that they are the remains of a spacecraft bombarded "Columbia", burnt six weeks ago when returning from the near-Earth space.

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