Farmers Ust-Abakan Khakassia region earned on a new sprinkler technology

Because of the recurring droughts in the Ust-Abakan Khakassia region is significantly reduced yield of vegetable crops and potatoes, there are difficulties in feed for cattle, which, by the way, has increased markedly over the past few years.

— It is necessary to note the active work of the leadership of the municipality, which has led to farmers District arguments have convinced farm managers involved in the program department to restore irrigated land — emphasizes the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Valeri Abramenka.

The efficiency of irrigation proved long ago, only watering guarantee a high yield. By estimates of the volume of products obtained from irrigated farmland is 2-2.5 times higher than in similar areas without irrigation.

Today commissioned several irrigation machines in the farm. KFH KFH Tutatchikov and Barnes participated in the program last year. Settings allow farmers to irrigate about 500 hectares of sown area under fodder crops.

— Interesting sprinkler in KFH Tutatchikova, first of all, its mobility — it can be freely moved around the planted area. Technique can water the fields with any relief and make withdrawals from any source, even from a well that has a huge advantage in the steppe zone — the director FGBU "Management" Hakasmeliovodhoz "Valery Kartalykov.

To support the development and direction of each year farmers receive subsidies that compensate 90% of the costs of farms to purchase the necessary equipment, installation of new irrigation systems and irrigation, rehabilitation of hydraulic structures.

For these purposes in 2013 provided nearly 27 million rubles from the budget, including 12 million from the federal budget. State support will increase the area of irrigated land in the republic for 450 hectares.

The list for the current year included seven members of the Ust-Abakan and Bey areas. The list — clean the duct work, installation of hydro, landfill running tracks, purchase sprinkler equipment, according to the official website of the government of Khakassia.

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