Farming in the Tyumen region supplemented cows from Austria

Just two games of foreign cows from Austria bought a farm of Omutinskaya district. In early August, the farmers arrived 151 Simmental calf, a week ago, 149.

As the press-service of Rosselkhoznadzor for the Tyumen region, in both cases, the animals were completely healthy, and the accompanying documents are in order. New settlers from Austria received a residence permit in Omutinskaya area.

It should be noted that the cows of Simmental breed is very popular with farmers Tyumen. In August Rosselkhoznadzor specialists have examined two more batches of cows coming from Austria: 200 animals were received in OOO "Seagull"Situated Ialutorovsk area, and 182 head brought to the Tyumen region in OOO"Ash-Agro. "

Birthplace of Simmental cows is Switzerland. In good udoyah cows are different and superior meat characteristics (up to 600 kg), and bulls weigh 1100 kg.

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