Favorites of the competition the U.S. Armed Forces Outstanding inventions of 2011

19.09.2012, in the United States Armed Forces held a competition "Outstanding invention in 2011." It was attended by military officers and soldiers, war veterans, engineers and designers. In voting and feedback from participants perceived the role of fighting.

In the military department of the United States were considered novelties military inventions for the U.S. military. In reviewing the best solutions were noted to increase the capability of the armed forces in 2011. If weapons and ammunition, dubbed as the best invention in doubt, protection separately taken serviceman cause a certain enthusiasm. Reward the creators of the best solutions will only be at the ceremony, which will take place in 2013. But now known favorites:

Additional protection such as Explosively Formed Penetrator Add-on-Armor
The special additional protection in the form of additional armor hanging. The use of such structures significantly increment survival of not only the technology, and placed it in the crew and assault.

Application of an enhanced (extra armor) came at the time of the African countries, which were constant internal military conflicts. Because of the specificity of the terrain and fight liquidation African military technology had to make any tweaks to increase the survivability of various equipment.

— Enhanced protection from projectiles and shrapnel;
— modularity expensive armor;
— little effect on maneuverability art;
— light weight;
— ease of maintenance and installation;
— Task substitution.

Helmet sensors to detect concussive blows — a helmet with sensors monitor the health of military
For members of the Army of the United States made helmets with integral sensors detect the shocking attacks that can cause hidden damage to the brain. The sensors not only can record performance, and send them to the doctors. At this time, these helmets are interested in the South American Football League. The army has targeted about 10 thousand helmets. Plans to order about 50 thousand units. On a single charge sensors work within the 1st year.

Common Missile Warning System — Alert System missile attack
Equipment installed on the aircraft (helicopters). The main purpose — a warning of impending danger (rocket attack). Significantly increases the chances of survival of people in the air and flying technique itself. Upon detection of approaching targets automatically triggers the creation of false means of thermal purposes.

Pelvic Protection — protection pelvic area
The adoption of this system greatly increased the chances of survival of the soldier in blasting an explosive device. In suicide IED or rectifying the main lesion is in the lower part of the body. Outside protection similar to everyday cycling shorts made of breathable material with a rigid Kevlar network. Material further provides protection against infection, debris and mud.

Start using mid-2011. On this day, a similar protection system provided more than 15 thousand fighter. In one set of protection for the 1st military are three units «Pelvic Protection».

SPCS — as a system of lightweight body armor and hard armor
The product is a tactical vest, which is worn folded and deployed rapidly in the event of a threat. It provided adjustable shoulder straps frisky connectors, which provide a uniform and comfortable accommodation on the body of a soldier. Tactical body armor reduces the load carrier ensures good mobility in the performance of tasks and has fire protection. SPCS created as an outdoor media (Box of armor) with a belt, which aligns the SPCS and expanding area of enhanced protection throughout the body. It can be positioned to the main store weapons, instruments of communication and surveillance, comfortable and non-hazardous pocket for carrying fundamental things.

The results
Apart from the above solutions were presented 120mm mortar shell for «APMI», the control system UAV helicopters «OH-58 Kiowa Warrior», 12.7mm machine gun «M2A1», shell «M982» with a GPS-guided, MSA «Precision Lightweight Universal Mortar Setter System ».

To be honest, a striking absence of a "winner" naisovremenneyshy solutions: high-precision bombs, surveillance systems, laser systems, unmanned air and underwater solutions and systems of oppression. Placed invention does not pull on the "outstanding." It's faster necessary or useful inventions to increase the combat effectiveness of troops and security.

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