FAZ has made the first contract for the supply of parts 2 icebreaking supply vessels for AHS

November 30, 2011 Vyborg Shipyard made the first delivery of the contractual details of the order of 506 and 507 AHS Helsinki. Mass delivery of 960 tons. The works were carried out under an agreement signed in April this year between OJSC "Vyborg Shipyard" and shipyard Arctech Helsinki Shipyard (AHS) for the construction of units for two icebreaking supply vessels.

Hull vessels specially designed to operate in ice conditions and equipped with a dynamic positioning system. Ships can walk in ice thickness up to 1.7 m

OJSC "Vyborg Shipyard" (Leningrad region) specializes in the construction of drilling platforms for the development of marine and offshore vessels of small and medium tonnage.

Arctech Helsinki Shipyard (Finland) — joint venture STX Finland (part of the South Korean STX Business Group) and JSC "United Shipbuilding Corporation" (Russia), who are proficient in its capital equal shares. The company specializes in the construction of vessels for operation in arctic conditions.

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