Fazotron developed a new radar AFAR

"Fazotron" has almost completed the development of working documentation promising radar with an active phased array antenna for the MiG-35 combat aircraft in its class.

This radar can be made in the next year and in the same year tested ", — reported in the Russian aviation industry. He noted that "Fazotron" should produce airborne radar at their own expense, and the RAC "MiG" will hold a flight test radar.

According to the source, it is expected that the RAC "MiG" to provide for testing radar with active electronically scanned array (AESA) Double MiG-29M2.

"Earlier, it was planned to produce radar and test it on the MiG-29 SMT, but the plan was not implemented due to lack of funding," — said the source.

"The whole radar with an active phased array antenna should have a little more than 1000 channels. It will be able to track up to 60 targets and to detect them at a range of up to 200 kilometers, "- said the agency interlocutor.

"Radar with an active phased array antenna is much more expensive than passive phased array, but the cost of the life cycle of AFAR is significantly cheaper than the conventional antenna," — said the official.

He explained that "the reliability of the AESA is several times higher than the conventional antenna, but the cost of its maintenance is very sharply reduced, as there is no need to order a large quantity of spare parts."

Earlier it was reported that the new radar will be created on the basis of the radar "Zhuk-A", developed for the future fighter MiG-35
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