FC Locomotive — FC Rostov 1-1

The capital’s railway workers were unable to keep the winning score in a home game against the "Rostov".

‘Hello! After half an hour in the Luzhniki Stadium will match "Lokomotiv" — "Rostov". Became known to the starting lineups.
0 The teams already in the tunnel and are preparing to enter the field.
0 ‘Before the match will be a minute’s silence in memory of the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. If anyone has forgotten, today’s match — a charity. The entire collection of his "Locomotive" will give the fund to the victims of the disaster.
0 ‘is also present in the game the Japanese Ambassador to Russia Masaharu Kono and his wife.
1 ‘Let’s go!
2 ‘In the first minutes of the team pleased with each other a series of long casts forward. Almost all inaccurate.
4 ‘Maicon has a shot at the left edge. Can be dangerous to apply the penalty area. We Loskov ball.
5 ‘Captain nice spin the ball towards the goal Radic. But the Serbian goalkeeper "Rostov" clearly plays on the output and knocks him out with his fists in the field.
7 ‘Straight epidemic. Alternately in the martial arts of riding injuries get Maicon, Okoronkovo and a roll. All are alive and well in the end. A game yet.
9 ‘Oh, very messy all for now.
10 ‘Corner at the gate "Rostov".
10 ‘Pretty dangerous. Should feed into the center of the penalty, which came running Maicon shoots from the summer. But it is not very accurate.
13 ‘
— Hagush rough knocks Torbinskiy and booked.
14 ‘A In the meantime, nothing changes. Teams prefer long-zabosy transmission. To the delight of the defenders.
15 ‘But this is very dangerous! Yankov give a break from 23-25 meters, and the ball hits the post. Guilherme no time at all desire. Lucky "Loco".
22 ‘Basha received a minor injury. But, apparently, will return to the game. And to write about the game until there is nothing, unfortunately.
26 ‘fouls, fouls, fouls. Dyuritsa blows Adam, but happily avoids the warning. It’s time to start playing.
28 ‘
— But Yanbayev his "yellow card" gets. For a foul on Prison.
29 ‘Corner at the gate "Loco".
29 ‘Not a bad feed to the near post, but there Yanbayev. Another angle would be.
30 ‘played the ball Rostov. And … earn another corner.
31 ‘A rare shot on goal. "Loco" organizes an elaborate attack, which completes Sychev, "shot" from the penalty — the ball flies over the bar.
33 ‘A Basha still leaves the field. Bourlak begins to change. Deja vu for some.
36 ‘
— Replacement of the "Loco": Bourlak out instead left the field a few minutes ago Bashi.
38 ‘Adam’s tight beats from outside the penalty — right into the arms Guilherme.
39 ‘By the way, on the eve of the match Gil shaved my head and now looks quite brutal.
40 ‘"Loco" awarded a penalty kick from the right edge. Torbinskiy dangerous crosses into the penalty area, the ball spinning towards the goal. Adam almost scored an own goal. Corner will be.
41 ‘Torbinskiy supplies to the far corner of the goalie. Hlushakou head clears the ball into the center, but no one was there.
42 ‘Adam hits the target of our goal for the third time already. More than our whole team put together.
43 ‘Moment! After a pass Ignatieff Torbinskiy right to touch a slap in the near corner from about five meters. Radic time to shift and catch the ball tightly.
45 ‘Prison dangerous free-kick — the ball flies just over the bar. Apparently, the ball touched someone in the "wall." Because the guests will be served a corner.
45 ‘Nothing dangerous they comes of it.
45 ‘Break. Rest.
46 ‘The second half begins.
47 ‘Yuri A. traditionally goes to the field when the game is already in progress. On the way to the bench to warm-up stops at Ibrichicha with Gatagova. It seems that soon we will see some of them on the field.
48 ‘The combination of Ignatieff — Torbinskiy with a bang last in touch with the far post repeats. But Dima misses the target. In fairness, and serve at this time was worse.
51 ‘And here’s a chance! Sychev great runs in the box under the pass Yanbaeva. But the chamber Torbinsky, the incident has on the empty net, manages to break Radic.
55 ‘
— "Loco" actively started the second half. Sychev has a shot and warning Gatskana.
56 ‘But with the filing penalty Rostov cope.
58 ‘Corner at the gate "Rostov" is. According to today’s game at the "standards" special value.
59 ‘Can not anything dangerous. But the "Loco" selection wins and earns another corner.
60 ‘Okoronkwo in the penalty area misses the ball, and Sychev has an opportunity to break from an acute angle. Defender blocks it our forward.
63 ‘
— Replacement of the "Rostov" Oleg Ivanov changes Rebko.
69 ‘Ignatieff scores, the same goal! A classy midfielder depth of field goes one on one with Radic and roll the ball past him and into the far corner. But alas, was offside.
71 ‘Loskov! The captain of "Loco" stalking rebound and bitingly beats with the penalty, putting the body. Radic applause breaks.
72 ‘Hlushakou with Adam’s almost agree with the melee. The novel is really tough to go Dennis.
73 ‘Excellent’ Loco ‘uses free! Torbinskiy spins the ball to the goal, the defender of "Rostov" in the fight against Burlak at the last moment has time to bring the ball out front.
74 ‘Corner "Loco" today filed a dozen. But it does not work.
74 ‘
Ignatieff — GOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Vlad still gets her way. After receiving the ball in the penalty area, the midfielder "Loco" outside of the foot sends it to the far corner.
75 ‘
— The "Rostov" immediately replaced: Kalachev gone out Grigoriev.
77 ‘
— Another change in í. Instead Yankov is Kirichenko. In the two strikers will play guests.
79 ‘
— And the "Loco" Ibrichich changes Sychev.
80 ‘Another chance. Counterattack, Maicon roll the ball along the goal line in jeopardy Ibrichicha. However, the time to lock the Bosnian Hagush.
83 ‘
Grigoriev — equalizes. Advocates of "Loco" is not able to quickly bring the ball from the free kick. Followed by a shot to the far post, where the 17-th number Rostovites slid.
85 ‘Ibrichich scored the second goal. But his judges overturned. But this time the reason is not very clear.
85 ‘Bosnian executed penalty from the left edge. The ball was screwed to the gate and along the way do not hurt anybody. But Assistant Petty showed that in the moment of impact Maicon was offside, and even interfere with the goalkeeper. Controversial, but nothing has been done about it.
85 ‘
— A Loskov also received a warning for arguing with the referee.
89 ‘
— Replacement of the "Locomotive". Fall changes Loskova.
90 ‘Two minutes of added.
90 ‘Last Chance. Penal approximately 23 meters from the gate.
90 ‘All. Draw.

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