FC Rostov first victory

[Img = http://www.rostov.ru/sport/news/2009/04/04/143834/futbol0404.jpg] Rostov went to visit near Moscow "Khimki" with one goal — a victory. The first two rounds have given our team just two points. In the previous games, such as in a game with the "locomotive", the "yellow-blue" had all the chances to achieve maximum results, but the Lady Fortune was not on our side. [Cut] However, and himchanam fighting spirit was not to occupy. The active principle of the meeting, the alternate possession of the ball and the rare moments at the gate and did not lead to a goal. Impatience players grew, the work with the ball there were many marriages, and it did not contribute to an aggravation of scoring chances. And yet, one of the attacks from the left flank Rostovites completed "neberuschimsya" blow Lebedenco "in touch" under the crossbar. Outcome of the meeting — the victory of FC "Rostov" with a minimum score of 1-0, which marked the first victory of the season as a whole, and in the history of relations with "Khimki" — in particular.

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