February 12, 2013 Alexandrov Ensemble performed at the festival

Italian song in San Remo.

San Remo — the main festival of Italian song, which exists since 1951. His winners over the years became Adriano Celentano, Gianni Morandi, Al Bano and Romina Power, Eros Ramazzotti, Toto Cutugno, a group of Pooh and Matia Bazar …

The foreigners here are not often — except that getting a personal invitation from the organizing committee, or someone from the Italian pop maestro. Of the Russians sang Alla Pugacheva and Vladimir Kuzmin, already far in 1987. Now, after 26 years, the San Remo Russian voice sounded again: February 12, as a special guest at the festival made Academic Song and Dance Ensemble of the Russian Army of AV Alexandrov.

The main initiator of this invitation was just Toto Cutugno, already speaking with "Aleksandrovtsami" in Moscow in 2007. And now convinced the committee to invite our artists in uniform and San Remo.

The audience warmly welcomed the joint statement Alexandrov Ensemble and Toto Cutugno audience applauded and sang along. After the performance of the global hit — L’italiano, Red Army Choir was asked to sing the chorus for an encore. Sounded song "Moscow Nights," which played Toto in Russian, showing their love for Russia. Known hit Nel blu dipinto di blu, Toto Cutugno sang a duet with the lead singer of Alexandrov Ensemble, People’s Artist of Russia Vadim Anan’ev.

This is an important speech at the world famous music festival, once again shows the significant role in the formation of a positive international image of the Russian Federation, played by Alexandrov Ensemble.

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