February 14 is the oldest Ukrainian noted 116th anniversary

Birthday Catherine Kozak noted in their native Carpathian region.

This is stated in the story TSN.

The old woman received guests in the village Hotimir. A woman does not go, and it is difficult to say. However, on the occasion she sipped a glass of champagne. Most long-liver donated sweets, because she loves them most. Despite his advanced age, a woman has never been in the hospital. She’s still in good memory and in good spirits.

His longevity elixir calls Catherine Kozak good nature. The villagers do not recall that she ever quarreled.

Destiny is not too spoiled Catherine: she never learned, and no education, was not married, worked in heavy work on the farm and raised their own two nieces, Helen and Anna.


Sister Catherine Kozak during the Second World War, the Germans took a job in Germany, where she died.

It tells the great-nephew of long-liver Jaroslav beet, in the memories of grandmother’s wartime and postwar period were the worst.

Had to live in economic annexe to take any job, starve and beg food from the villagers to feed the children.

After Anna’s niece went to Russia, Catherine Kozak stayed with Elena. Helped educate the next generation of kids. Now that Catherine, two grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.

On the 100th anniversary of the Hero of the Day built a small house next to the farm of 84-year old niece and her 86-year-old husband. This is the first proper housing Catherine Kozak.

The birthday girl still has a good memory, but the age effect: it is hard of hearing and could hardly say a little walk.

"But at the hospital, she was never because never seriously hurt. Treatment recognizes only traditional methods," — says Yaroslav beet.

From time to time, especially in the winter, he takes to his grandmother to live in the district center of Coloma. But keep it in the comfort is not easy.

"Every day is going to go home," — adds Yaroslav.

Mother Catherine Kozak told that she has always worked hard, never conflicts with others and did not want to harm anyone.

Hero of the Day does not recognize the TV and a lot of praying. As she says, for everyone, and that was never the war.

In food dolgozhitelnitsa also nepereborchiva, but eating natural foods, with their own garden and small portions. More recently, the feast could drink 50 grams of vodka and sing. For the kind and cheerful disposition in the village grandmother Catherine called "granny-sun". http://glavnoe.ua/news/n125983

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