Federal Cardiology in Krasnoyarsk has gained international recognition

Federal Cardiology Krasnoyarsk included in the prestigious international study on the treatment of patients with narusheniyaemi heart rhythms. This program will last for five years and puts Krasnoyarsk Cardiology in line with the leading hospitals in the world.

According to an international study inspector «CASTL-AF» Stephen Fraser: "The organization of the Center matches the protocol of the leading clinics in Germany, the quality of treatment of patients with impaired heart rate at a high level. I emphasize anti-stress atmosphere of the Center. In Krasnoyarsk, I have no comment. "

September 14, 2010 clinic "Federal Center for Cardiovascular Surgery" in Krasnoyarsk city received its first patients. Center is built within the framework of the priority national project "Health". Since early 2011, the center holds about 2 thousand operations, now the number of weekly transactions — 70 to 80.

To date, the Federal Center for Cardiovascular Surgery of Krasnoyarsk all basic types of cardiac surgery in adults and children. 

Photo Cardiology 

Be treated in the Krasnoyarsk residents can CARDIOCLINIC Krasnoyarsk, Tomsk, Irkutsk region, Republic of Tuva, Khakassia, Buryatia, the Republic of Altai.   


The Federal Center for Cardiovascular Surgery of Krasnoyarsk in 2010 about the arrhythmia operated on 70 people, in 2011 — 1,150 people, on 27.03.2012, the surgical treatment of 300 patients received a rhythm disturbance of the heart. 





The international study entitled "Catheter ablation is the standard of care in patients with left ventricular dysfunction and atrial fibrillation" is in the best centers of cardiac surgery profile of many countries.

Of the 85 Russian cardioclinics qualification inspector chose 4 — Cardiac Surgery Research Center, named after AN Bakuleva Moscow, Tomsk Institute of Cardiology, Cardiac Surgery Center of it. Almazova St. Petersburg and the Federal Center for Cardiovascular Surgery of Krasnoyarsk.  

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