Federal Target Program Social and economic development of the Kuril Islands

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President Dmitry Medvedev became the first Russian leader to visit the Kuril Islands

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Today live in the Kuril Islands and ignore the changes that have occurred in the implementation of the federal target program "Socio-economic development of the Kuril Islands", possible.
Life on the outlying islands of Russia does not change as fast as we would like. But the fact that it is still changing, only the blind can deny.

First Kuril program, adopted in 1994, in fact had little funding.
Since January 1, 2007 launched a new program designed to 2015.
on the list of objects, the construction plans for 2011

The new program is another, more pragmatic approach to the development of the archipelago — the economy and the social sphere.

Priority is given to the creation of new and modernization of existing infrastructure:
Transportation — berthing facilities, airports, roads,
Energy — grid and new power,
social — construction of hospitals and kindergartens, new homes.
If you divide the funds provided by the Federal target program of socio-economic development of the Kuril Islands (2007 — 2015 years) by the residents of these areas, you get about a million rubles per capita.
It is so much invested in the Russian state program for the development of its eastern outpost.
Funding for the program is 18 billion rubles, and, unlike its predecessor, it is financing in full.

Sakhalin Governor Alexander Horoshavin

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meeting with residents of the Kurils

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These large sums already embodied in specific sites. In the North Kurile region, for example, completed reconstruction of water supply systems. Upgraded 75% of all the networks, and it creates a margin of safety of the system for years to come. Completed all work on the construction of a heliport, began reconstruction of the northern breakwater — is a protective structure will significantly improve the situation in the port waters. Launched a new residential house.

Kunashir Island

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In the Kurile region completed the work on the piers port station in Walvis Bay, the major work carried out on the water system Kurilsk. This year the emphasis is on upgrading the hospital. Built in the last year, she was fully stocked with all the necessary medical equipment. It is possible to raise a new level medical services to the people.
Builders started construction of residential houses for the workers vosmikvartirnogo central hospital.

The most important task — energy supply of the islands. Started the construction of a double circuit transmission line between the Kuril and whales that will boost energoustoychivost Kurilsky and connect with the existing power system geothermal plant "Ocean".

One of the main characteristics and the Kuril problem the solution of which in recent years has been the regional government, is associated with increased transport accessibility islands. In this context and on Iturup and Kunashir all-weather construction of new airports, which will allow in the future to connect securely by air Kuril Islands to the other points of the country and the world.

As for Airport "Iturup", is expended on its construction of 1 billion rubles. It takes about another 2 billion rubles., To run the first object, providing the infrastructure management of aircraft and runway length of 1,450 meters. The work is ongoing.

Traditionally, the greater the amount of funds under the program accounted for the South Kuril municipality, as the islands of Kunashir and Shikotan more of the population lives.
And Iturup and Kunashir will soon be solved a key problem with the raid servicing cargo and passenger ships.
Special wharfage have already been built in the Kuril District, in the South Kuril relevant work is nearing completion.

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Thus, this fall will be possible adoption at the shore of large vessels such as "Igor Farkhutdinov."
February 5, 2011 cargo ship "Igor Farkhutdinov" first moored at the new berth

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In 2008, work began on the reconstruction of the power supply on the island of Kunashir, this year there will begin construction of a new power line that will transmit electricity from Mendeleev geothermal plant to Airport Mendeleevo, which will significantly improve its performance.

airport "Mendeleevo"

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The construction of the roads of the South Kuril — Golovnino, Small Kuril — Krabozavodskoe on Shikotan.
Being completed four kindergartens.

a kindergarten on about. Kunashir

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and on about. Shikotan

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Contractors in 2011 will continue to build more than 10 sites in the Kuril Islands under the federal target program for the development of the islands, for these purposes will spend more than 754 million rubles.

In 2011, for the implementation of program activities to the federal program "Socio-economic development of the Kuril Islands in 2007-2015" provides for 628.3 million rubles, including at the expense of the federal budget — 359.2 million rubles, the regional budget — 269.1 million rubles.
The construction of facilities in the non-program part provided 126.4 million rubles.

By providing funds planned to complete construction of a kindergarten in the village Reidovo (Iturup) port complex on the island of Kunashir (second stage).
Work will continue on the construction and reconstruction of the fuel supply on Iturup, water supply and sanitation on the island of Kunashir, the construction of a pier in the bay crab.

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