Feodosiyske shipbuilders increased its net profit by 22 times

In the first half of 2013 net profit of "Feodosia shipbuilding company" Sea ", which is part of the Civil Code" Ukroboronprom "amounted to 184.8 mln., Which is 22 times more than in the entire period of 2012 (8.4 mln.). This UNN to the press service of the Civil Code "Ukroboronprom."

 Net income for the first six months of this year amounted to 608.5 mln., Which is 5 times more than in the entire period of 2012 (120.4 million USD).

The volume of output in the first half of 2013 amounted to 552.6 mln., Which is 3 times more than in all of 2012. (186.1 million USD.) The volume of goods produced for export for the period increased by 4 times compared with the final result of last year.

"A significant increase in economic performance of the company due to, first of all, the successful implementation of the first phase of the contract for the construction of the Chinese Navy amphibious hovercraft project 958. First ship of Project 958 passed the Chinese customer in April of this year. Now the company is working on the construction of the second such a ship. This company intends to diversify sales market through the development of civilian products ", — the press-service of the Civil Code" Ukroboronprom. "

As previously reported UNN, according to the first deputy chairman of the Committee on Economic Policy of the Verkhovna Rada of Sergei Calcium, according to the results of the last half of the volume of products and services "Ukroboronproma" increased by 31.1% — from 4.5 billion hryvnia in the first half of the year 2012 — of up to 5.9 billion in the corresponding period this year.

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