FGC Sea gave China the first landing craft air


April 12 in Feodosia representatives of the State Concern "Ukroboronprom" and the Chinese Navy signed a certificate of acceptance landing hovercraft project 958. On the Ukrainian side the document was signed by General Director of "Ukrspecexport" Dmitry Peregoudov. At the time of acceptance of the ship Chinese side highly appreciated the quality of work performed by Ukrainian enterprises.

The ship was built by JSC "Feodosia shipbuilding company" Sea ", which is part of the SC" Ukroboronprom "for the needs of the Chinese Navy. At present, the company continues to construct the second ship of the project 958 for the Chinese customer. 


According to the contract signed earlier of "Feodosia shipbuilding company" Sea "for the Chinese Navy to build two amphibious hovercraft project 958. Two more ships will be built with the participation of Ukrainian specialists using domestic components in China.
The world’s largest amphibious landing craft air cushion Project 958 is designed to receive equipped or unequipped with the coast of equipment and personnel of the naval assault, shipping them by sea, landing on unequipped coast and fire support of landing troops. It can also be the transportation of mines and minefields statement.

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