FGC UES equips air line supports the latest domestic production

Branch of OAO "UES FGC" — Trunk Power Grids (IEC) Center — began assembling multi-faceted metal poles (IMO) on the track reconstructed overhead power line (VL) 220 kV Orbit — Satellite in the Kaluga region.

According to the draft, overhead orbit — Sputnik is equipped with multi-faceted supports the production of the plant "MuromEnergoMash."

Total height of the supports from 42 to 66 meters will be installed during the renovation of 99. Foundations multifaceted supports — metal and concrete. Foundation depth is 12 meters.

Federal Grid Company applies the multi-faceted metal supports in the construction and reconstruction of power transmission lines of different voltage classes for more than three years. They have a number of advantages over traditional (and latticed concrete) supports. MMOs have improved stability when corrosion and high durability. Also obvious advantage is the ease of transport, reduced installation time, vandal-resistant, and aesthetics. Application of the IMO can significantly reduce the size of alienable land for the construction of transmission lines. Thanks to the great depth of the wires is reduced to a minimum the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields, the reduced width of the glade below the line, making the line at the IMO as environmentally friendly.

Line orbit — Sputnik is part of a transit 220 kV Cherepet — Orbit — Satellite — Kaluga, built in 1953 and provides for power output Cherepetskaya power plant in Kaluga and Moscow power system. The safe operation of the transit depends largely on electricity Kaluga, Kaluga region of central areas, as well as a number of settlements south of Moscow region. Closing the complex reconstruction of 220 kV Cherepet — Orbit — Satellite — Kaluga in 2014.

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