FibARM Resin — a new product holding Composite

Holding company "Composite" has launched a new product — a two-component epoxy FibARM Resin 230 to impregnate the reinforcement of external systems FibARM. An innovative solution is designed for repair and reinforcement of building structures.

The new product goes on the market June 1, 2012. Research work on the creation of cold-curing binder for building applications were made about a year.

"This is a special binder FibARM Resin 230, which is suitable for the whole range of fabrics on the carbon fiber used for external reinforcement systems ", — Said the head of new product development in the construction of the holding company "Composite" Tatiana Lyagusha.

The reinforcement system is designed for the repair and strengthening of building structures in order to eliminate the consequences of the destruction of concrete and reinforcement corrosion due to prolonged exposure to the elements and hostile environments in the operation of buildings.During the construction and operation of The reinforcement system to accomplish the following objectives: to eliminate design errors or execution of the work, increase the carrying capacity of structures with an increase in design loads, as well as eliminate the effects of damage to the load-bearing structures encountered during the operation.

According to Tatyana Lyagusha, two-component binder — the weight of one set is 19.3 kg. Component A mixture is a thixotropic epoxy resins, reactive diluents, fillers, pigments, special additives, component B is an aliphatic curing agent comprising a filler and additives. This compound has a high physical-mechanical properties, good adhesion to different surfaces: concrete, metal, wood, brick. Besides, it is convenient to manually impregnate fabrics, suitable for any tissue density and requires no specific primer compositions.

Structure FibARM Resin 230 produced by TU 2257-012-61664530-2012.

The product has passed all the necessary tests and is certified by:

  1. Certificate of compliance with TU 2257-012-61664530-2012 (№ ROSS RU.HP28.N02359 from 16.04.2012).
  2. Certificate of conformity with technical regulations on fire safety requirements (C-RU.PB41.V.00769 from 22.08.2011)
    • flammability group — G1 (combustible)
    • flammability group — B1 (trudnovosplamenyamye)
    • Group toxicity of combustion products — T1 (low hazard)
    • smoke-forming ability — D1 (low smoke generation capacity)
    • group on the surface spread of flame — RP1 (evanescent).
    • Hygiene Certificate of Conformity for odorimetricheskim and chemical indicators (№ 04E.0512.616 from 25.05.2012).


    "Now we have developed an external reinforcement system includes not only the carbon fabric, but also middleware — complete set, — Explained Tatiana Lyagusha. According to her, stop at the holding "Composite" does not intend to: — We also plan to develop a heat-resistant binder and binder, which can operate in wet environments, our customers can work with our materials in any environment ".

    Holding company "Composite"Established with the aim of forming composite materials market in Russia in 2009. Vertically integrated holding company are of the State Corporation "Rosatom" for the production of high-strength and high-modulus carbon fiber — LLC "Argon", LLC "ZUKM." As well as plant polyacrylonitrile fiber "Company" Composite-Fiber "and CJSC" Prepreg-SKM "engaged in the manufacture of fabrics made of carbon fiber and high quality prepregs.These materials are used in the aircraft industry, construction, automobile, shipbuilding, etc. Among the challenges facing the holding company, the creation of high-performance environmentally safe production of carbon fiber and its products on the basis of innovative technologies for continuous and discontinuous fibers. Holding company "Composite" is planning to take a leading position in engineering, manufacturing and sales of composite materials of new generation and to meet the needs of domestic enterprises a new generation of composite materials.

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