Fiber Nano Sizer — a new device for the measurement of nanoparticles suspended in a liquid

Specialists Physical Institute. PN Lebedev Physical Institute (LPI) have created a new instrument for measuring the size of nanoparticles and diffusion coefficient in industrial fluids. The device can be used in plants producing industrial oils and coolants, control the operation of oil-filled transformers and high-voltage switches used to control the dispersion of pharmacology and drug quality and in many other areas. Comments on the development of a senior researcher at the Laboratory of nonlinear optics and light scattering Lebedev Physical Institute, Candidate of Physics and Mathematics Konstantin Kovalenko.

One of the most famous accidents in electricity, which occurred in May 2005 at Chagino substations, power outages led to a significant part of urban households in Moscow and the Moscow region. Most of these accidents happen because of transformer oil in water colloidal impurities (formation of water-in-oil emulsion occurs as a sharp reduction in temperature and an increase in relative humidity).

Under the influence of an electric field droplets of moisture drawn to acquire the shape of ellipsoids. For sufficiently high electric field elongate ellipsoids are interconnected, forming a "channel", and whereby the discharge occurs.

Now apply the most Different methods of diagnosis transformers: Thermal and vibration control, determination of electrical parameters and partial discharge chromatographic control oil, the definition of the visual haze oil absorption in the infrared spectra. But none of these methods allow you to control the main cause of accidents — colloidal water.

Laboratory specialists nonlinear optics and light scattering LPI developed a new device for measuring the size of nanoparticles and diffusion coefficient in industrial fluids — Fiber Nano Sizer (FNS). It can help you determine the state of water in transformer oil to prevent breakdown under the influence of an electric field. The new device used methods of molecular scattering of light in liquids. FNS design includes a fiber optic sensor that provides a measurement of transparent and opaque emulsion. In comparison with other instruments for measuring the size of particles suspended in a liquid, FNS has several advantages. It allows the measurement (in transparent and opaque emulsion) directly in work or technological volumes and particle sizes are determined by multiple scattering.

The device can be used for quality control in the production of industrial oils or coolants, and in flowsheets emulsion droplet size control and stabilizing oils. FNS application in enterprises producing composites, will improve the quality of the intermediate raw material prior to polymerization, which will improve the quality of the final product. The device makes it possible to implement measures to increase the stability of oils and emulsols, and expand the range of products due to the stabilization of unstable earlier compositions. FNS application in the pharmaceutical industry will control the dispersion and the quality of finished drugs.


Fig. 1. Fiber Nano Sizer (FNS) (Pat N 78320 from 20.11.2008, Pat N 2351912S1 from 10.04.2009, Pat N 2306970S1 of 21.12.2005).

Technical data and specification:
— The size of particles to be measured: 1 … 5000 nm
— The diffusion coefficient: 10-5 … 10-10 cm2 / s
— The scattering angle: 178 °
— Length of the oxen of laser: 650 nm
— Power output: 40 mW.
— Dimensions: 290? 258? 108 mm
— Weight: 4.0 kg.

PS About the design let’s not argue, in one of my previous posts on this subject already said it all, design research, not commercial, there is much about this break copies. After all, the essence is more important.

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