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Why check NGOs in Russia was so excited West

In Hanover, April 7 starts famous industrial exhibition. It is planned that it will open the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian President Vladimir Putin, who will visit Germany on a working visit. Frau Merkel is handed — or rather warned reputable radio station «Deutsche Welle», intends to address the subject of inspections and searches of Russian NGOs. "Avoid this call does not succeed," — said the deputy spokesman of the federal government Georg Shtrayter.

As you know, on March 21, the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office, Ministry of Justice, the tax office, and other regulatory agencies have begun testing a number of Russian non-profit organizations. This happened four months after the law took effect, "On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation with regard to the regulation of non-profit organizations acting as a foreign agent", better known as "NGO law — foreign agents". As said on the occasion of President Vladimir Putin, "this routine activities associated with the desire to bring the activities of law enforcement organizations in compliance with the law." And apparently, based on the foreign audience said: "We appreciate the ongoing foreign funds in Russia, within their competence, the project work. However, it should be noted that the representative offices and branches of foreign non-profit (non-governmental) organizations operating in Russia are subject to Russian jurisdiction, which implies their compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. "

In turn, the president’s aide Yury Ushakov said that Vladimir Putin will discuss with Angela Merkel, the activities of NGOs in Russia, as well as the situation in Syria, North Korea and Cyprus. "I do not know how tough character would wear an exchange of views, but you know what background now on the eve of the visit, and it is clear that the subject of audits of NGOs will be raised chancellor. Our president will respond accordingly. This will be part of the discussion ", — said Yuri Ushakov told reporters. Overall, the impression is that the fuss erupted serious.

What is it usually provoke aged Germans? It’s simple: checks were, including branches of German funds to them. Konrad Adenauer Foundation and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

In the Bundestag threaten Russia visa problems in the negotiations because of the NGO audit. A member of the ruling party in Germany, "Christian Democratic Union" Ruprecht Polenz, head of the Bundestag Committee on Foreign Relations, does not rule out that a series of checks on Russian, in Western terms, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) could affect the negotiations with Moscow on the liberalization of the visa mode. "If the German funds will not be able to work as before, without discrimination, and it would take more vigorous response. For example, I believe that in this situation it is very difficult to conduct negotiations on the liberalization of the visa regime for Russian service passports "- said in an interview Polents« Deutsche Welle ». Throughout it turns out that in Russia funded by the German organization Action Russian laws should not apply.

And, of course, could not stay away from this "very important" to date for the world and continental EU topics. Deputy Chairman of the Council of the EU — Russia Werner Schulz at the European Parliament and Chairman of the Committee for Human Rights in the European Parliament Barbara Lohbiler issued a joint statement on the inspections took place in Russia. As the DW, in it, in particular, notes that the measures Government "violate the rights of Russian citizens (very touching care! —D.SCH.) For active participation in public life. " In response to the checks and searches EU should postpone indefinitely the discussion on visa-free travel to the EU official holders of Russian passports, according to MEPs. European Commission Director General for Home Affairs Stefano Manservisi confirmed the position of co-workers. "The direct connection between the facts of inspections and negotiations on visa facilitation, as well as on the official passport no. However, as we have said many times, the negotiations are taking place with a view of the current situation, and it can affect them if it gets worse and worse and out of acceptable limits "- was quoted as" Interfax ". Recall: European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso at a press conference in Moscow after talks with the government of Russia, said: "We managed to get into the discussion of visa facilitation, we are close to reaching an agreement." I wonder who is telling the truth?

But the United States, as always, honest and consistent "all the way" in its anti-Russian rhetoric.

"With great concern we are watching the reports of unprecedented inspections of NGOs across Russia. We have shared our concerns with the Russian government and asked to explain the reasons behind these actions, "- noted the U.S. Embassy in Moscow for the second day after the checks. Information Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry says that regular checking control authorities of the various organizations, including NGOs — is common international practice. First Deputy Prosecutor General Alexander Buksman said: "The checks have not been completed, no conclusion is not, and we have been accused of bias. We just fulfill its function "- and at the same time emphasizes that all checks are now carried out by the routine nature that the audit plan was approved in December 2012. A U.S. State Department spokesman Patrick Ventrella long before all the explanations and conclusions stood in a pose a "defender" of democracy in Russia: "We are concerned — he said — that Russia carried out test thousands of NGO offices. We are very concerned about this. You know that it is in accordance with the laws adopted earlier. This is what we have always said. We are concerned about how the adoption of the law and its implementation, and verification of thousands of NGOs. "


But then all went to the U.S. State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland. She reported that the U.S. continues to finance Russian NGOs through a "platform outside Russia."

"As you know, the Russians seriously limited our ability to provide direct financing in Russia, especially its decision to terminate the activities of the Agency for International Development. Nevertheless, we provide funding through the platform outside of Russia by organizations that still want to work with us, knowing that they must report to their government for this work ", — said Nuland. She also said the United States are actively working to understand what the organization wants to receive funding from them, and inform them about how to obtain this support. And reported that Russia remains some NGOs that are registered in the United States.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has suffered for a long time, but he finally showed integrity. "Otherwise, how cynical and provocative remarks can not be called B. Nuland, compare routine inspection of NGOs with a" witch hunt. " We understand the reasons for this inadequate response caused by overlapping channels of financial support "friendly" to Washington after the close of the structures in the Russian representative office of the U.S. Agency for International Development and the ban on the funding of political activities from abroad, "- said in a statement, Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevic
h. Nuland word that the United States continues sponsorship of some Russian NGOs through intermediaries in third countries, the Foreign Ministry regard "as a blatant interference in our internal affairs." "In fact, it is a direct instigation of known non-governmental and public organizations to violation of legislation concerning the activities of non-profit organizations in the Russian Federation", — said Lukashevich.

Note that the "well-known non-governmental and social structures" in this kind of incitement do not need, whom they want to teach this same incitement.

Just yesterday, the first Russian Deputy Prosecutor General Alexander Buksman once said that Russian non-governmental organizations (NGOs) receiving funding from abroad, but the registration to obtain the status of a foreign agent under taken in the past year, the legislation did not pass.

When asked RIA "News" about whether it is possible that the results of audits of NGOs in Russia will still officially organizations — foreign agents Buksman said: "Most likely, yes."

The head of the Moscow Helsinki Group, Lyudmila Alexeeva, said: "We will not be registered foreign agents, because we are not. There is a law that no citizen, no organization has the right to formally false information about himself. And this is — the false information. Therefore, we in no case law does not proceed, and such application will not provide. "

To put it mildly, this is not entirely true. Moscow Helsinki Group in its documents openly writes: "The activities of the Moscow Helsinki Group in its present scale would not be possible without the strong support that we provide a number of donors. To date, MHG projects funded by the following sponsors: European Commission, MacArther’s Foundation, MATRA, Open society, USAID ».

The EU is also, as they say, in charge. The leaders of grants, according to the information the EU, Russia are the Centre "Memorial", "Moscow Helsinki Group", the Association for voters’ voice. " The volume of financing, despite the declared policy of "belt-tightening" in Europe, great. Total to "promote democracy" under the "European initiatives in the field of democracy and human rights" — one of the main financial instruments — the EU now has to spend 63.8 million euros. A Russian periodically asks which of its European partners want to help …

In my opinion, we should finally, once and for all stop asking about how to get us properly understood in the West, and to call a spade a spade: foreign funding — this is the real payoff Russian political and social organizations.

This is the payoff leads to a distortion of the principles of a democratic political system and civil society. Its result was the creation of a whole sector of political and social structures, beginners to "optimize" their activity to Western demands and resources. And at some point it has to adjust such organizations under the compliance needs of western customers and even if it leads to a loss of support in Russia and is not directly consistent with the goals of their members, and even if the goals do not meet the interests of Russia.

Scientists from the analytical center «American Enterprise Institute» spoke quite strongly about American NGO: "The extraordinary increase in the activity of non-governmental organizations in the protection of liberal values threaten the independence of constitutional democracy."

And for 20 years this threat together with liberal values of the West is trying to introduce into Russian society. And when this process Russia decided, finally, to prevent, and in the United States and Europe rose "democratic" hubbub.

One can understand and our, excuse the expression, human rights defenders have them now earn a livelihood themselves, but do not want — from the outstretched hands of foreign feed used.

However, there are other options. President Vladimir Putin, for example, ordered to allocate in 2013, 2.32 billion rubles for-profit organizations, "implementing social projects and participating in the development of civil society." In socially oriented non-profit organizations (Sonke) has begun accepting applications for the competition to get subsidies from the budget of the subject of the Russian Federation. And in June this year, as assured in the ministry of economic development in the regions will begin to receive federal transfers."This year Sonko can count on 8.3 billion rubles, "- said at a seminar on the implementation of the program in 2013, Sonke deputy director of the Ministry of Economic Development of innovative development Ilya Chukalina.

A report on the situation and prospects of the development of NGOs in Russia "Civil Society Fund", which is headed by Konstantin Kostin, noted that "the state support of NGOs is increasing every year."

It is also noted: "If the average grant size in 2006 amounted to 474.4 thousand rubles, in 2011, 2012 — 1.7 million rubles. Entrenched tendency to increase the average size of the grant, which, according to experts, promotes better and more deep study of the projects. "

Is not it strange that on this occasion the West does not express any emotion? Logically, it would be necessary so glad that finally, in Russia is very serious money allocated for the development of civil society, which so concerned liberals of all stripes and colors. But it really is not so. For decades, the West invested billions of dollars in the creation of a powerful Russian "fifth column." Today, the West is losing her. It is precisely because the issue of the financed Russian NGOs, he openly and frankly puts in a number of important. But the "fifth column" only the tail pinched, then what will that be? But in any case — it is an internal affair of Russia, and no one’s more.

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