Fifth-generation fighter showed Indian partners

Fifth-generation fighter showed Indian partners

T-50 — Russia’s response to the American fighter F-22 Raptor

Super-maneuverable aircraft T-50 is being tested in the suburbs. Whether it will be challenge to American F-22?
The head of the United Aircraft Corporation Mikhail Pogosyan has demonstrated the machine Deputy Defense Minister Kanwar Singh of India.

Delhi — a strategic partner of Moscow in the sphere of military-technical cooperation — has been invited to participate in the project in 2007. In December 2010 during the visit of President Dmitry Medvedev to India state-owned company "Rosoboronexport" company HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited) and "dry" signed a contract for the development of conceptual and technical design of aircraft. Agreed on share participation in the project, and discussed the details of the rights of intellectual property.

This issue is of paramount importance. T-50 — Russia’s answer to the U.S. fifth generation fighter F-22 Raptor, which is already in service with the U.S. Army. Russia delayed the development of the aircraft and is now making up for lost time. Participation in the project Delhi — a chance not only to catch up with the Americans, reduce the cost of constructing a machine, but also make it more manufacturable.

Experience of working in India and Russia already have: multi-purpose fighter Su-30MKI has become one of the best in the world. This is indicated not only the technical features of the machine, but the results of the Indian Air Force Air Combat, including the Americans. In the Russian Air Force in the state armaments program until 2020, also provides for the purchase of fighter aircraft. In our army fighter given the index of the Su-30cm, and the production will establish in Irkutsk.

Now comes the process of "Russification" the board — the developers of avionics rewriting software code to all displayed on cockpit displays information came out in Russian. Before the advent of the T-50 (or the term aviation system onboard aircraft) in the Army of the Su-30cm should be the main fighter Russian Air Force.

T-50 — the quintessence of all the modern things in domestic aviation. For example, it was first applied a range of advanced carbon-fiber polymer. They are half the weight of comparable strength aluminum and titanium, four or five times — steel. New materials make up 70% coverage of the fighter, as a result, it weighs four times lighter aircraft assembled from conventional materials.

In KB "dry" talking about "an unprecedented low level of radar, optical and infrared" signature "of the machine. Thus, the effective area of the reflecting surface it is equal to 0.5 m (the Su-30MKI — 20 sq m). In other words, if the Su-30MKI is visible on the radar as a metal object 5 by 4 m, the reflection of the T-50 is 40 times smaller. So, to notice and to put on his armor would be very difficult.

In addition, in an air battle with the T-50 will be another important advantage — super maneuverability. The latest Russian 117S engine Rybinsk CB "Saturn" has improved compared to its predecessors cravings, providing a supersonic cruise flight. Earlier this was possible only during a short afterburning. Machine and can fly almost zero speeds. Another plane in such conditions would simply dropped, and the T-50 while still retains the maneuverability.

T-50 can take off and land from the land of the runway length of 300-400 m run at its base should be created and the Marine version of the fighter. The developers say that the aircraft will reach speeds of more than two thousand miles an hour to fly a distance of up to five thousand kilometers.

In addition, the T-50 is implemented important requirement for modern fighters — high intellectualization side. Radar fighter with a new active electronically scanned array (AESA), the Tikhomirov Scientific Research Institute — is more than a thousand combined into a single field with a high power signal at the output of miniature transceiver modules. AESA radar sees all that is done in the air and on the ground at a distance of several hundred kilometers. Can hold a lot of goals, while making a fighter weapons on them. And, as they say the designers, at the same time to fire them all, just a fan of firing rockets from the plane. Moreover, both by air and ground targets.

Around the fuselage of the machine will be located a few dozen different sensors that will monitor the situation around the machine and exchange data in real time as a land management systems, and within the aviation group. And not only that. Thanks to the "electronic pilot" machine will analyze the situation and suggest the pilot several options. Most of the flight and combat pilot receives information in the form of symbols and icons. This seriously makes her perception that significantly reduces the load on the pilot and allows him to concentrate on the implementation of tactical tasks.

Armament of the new machine will be completely removed in the internal compartments of a fighter. It is a tribute stealth technology "Stealth". In these compartments, but some information may be located up to eight missiles "air-to-air" type of R-77 or two smart bombs weighing 1,500 kg. In addition, two external aircraft hangers can be placed two more long-range missiles, with which he can fight with the objectives at a distance of 400 km.

Participation Delhi, said the Russian developers are not limited to money alone (Indian investment in the project — $ 25 billion). Already, India is offering its composite materials and electronics. By 2017, India is to get a double version of the fighter. As for our military, they are waiting for the first 10 cars in 2013, and all are going to buy them no less than 70 pieces.

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