Fifth-generation fighter will fly for the first time at the MAKS


International Aerospace Show MAKS-2011 will be the venue for the premiere of the new fifth-generation fighter. The name he has not come up, officially called the project "promising aviation complex tactical aviation" (PAK FA). Design designation model developed by OKB "Dry" — the T-50.

According to the "News", at the MAKS, which opens Aug. 16 in Zhukovsky near Moscow, will be attended by just two flying prototype T-50. On one of them chief pilot EDO "dry", the hero of Russia Sergey Bogdan performs a special summer program that demonstrates the incredible characteristics of the aircraft.

However, in the words of the pilot, the first public aerobatics machine will be limited by stress.

— T-50 still passes the test, therefore it is subject to certain restrictions on loading. I will implement it difficult acrobatics at low altitude with overloads of up to 5 g and permissible angles of attack, without demonstration of the machine superagility — said Bogdan "News".

After a single flight in the air will raise just two T-50, and a day later they were joined by other Russian fighter final test — the Su-35.

It is noteworthy that the capabilities of modern Russian fighter pilots will demonstrate in front of the "potential enemy" — the U.S. Air Force pilots. At Air Show will be attended by 12 U.S. combat aircraft — F-15E fighters and F-16C, B-52 bomber, military transport aircraft C-130J.

"Classmates" T-50 — the fifth generation fighter F-22 "Raptor" — the Americans decided not to bring in Russia, limiting the flight program on the F-15. In the decision of the Russian aviation industry is due to the reluctance to "shine" technology and the desire to participate in MAKS name only to look at the Russian aviation innovations.

However, the study of T-50 Americans no one will.

— The machine is "classified." Therefore, it is a demonstration of the earth will be held in the framework of the exhibition closed, which the Americans did not allow it. They, like ordinary visitors will be able to see only fighter in the demonstration flight, — the "Izvestia" a source in the KLA.

Show PAK FA "in the next MAKS" promised two years ago, during a previous salon, personally head of the United Aircraft Corporation Mikhail Pogosyan. Then the plane has not been seen, and avialyubiteley speculated how it will look.

Now look of the machine is no longer a mystery — footage of the first flight of the PAK FA January 29, 2010 went around the world. But the photos and video frames can not be judged on the nuances of the aerodynamic features of the new fighter and linking.

A look at that. The design of the T-50 was first applied a range of advanced polymeric carbon composites, which cover 70% of the aircraft. According to developers, they are half the weight of aluminum alloys of the same strength and is four to five times stronger than steel. This material is possible to substantially reduce the weight of the aircraft.

In addition, due to carbon fiber is 40 times reduced visibility machines in the infrared and radar signature, which employ head pointing modern anti-aircraft missiles.

T-50 can take off and land on a 300-meter stretch of the surface, making it easy to create a version of the ship. In the inner compartment of the fighter has seating for eight missiles "air-to-air" type of R-77 and two controlled bombs weighing 1.5 thousand kilograms. In addition, two external aircraft hangers can be placed two long-range missiles capable of destroying ground targets at a distance of 400 km.

On the inside will show all the new aircraft ordered by the Russian Air Force in the state armaments program until 2020. CB "dry" than the PAK FA will put Russian Air Force ordered the newest Su-35 Sukhoi Su-34 combat modernized Su-25SM.

"MiG" will have three new fighters: the MiG-35, MiG-29OVT equipped engine with variable thrust vector, and the ship’s MiG-29K is designed for the sole Russian aircraft carrier — heavy aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov".

Corporation "Irkut" will bring to the MAX new training aircraft Yak-130, which comes from the last year in flight school Russian Defense Ministry.

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