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Scientists Omsk, Novosibirsk, Moscow found that in the Omsk region, near the village of Okunevaya Muromtsevsky district, there is an anomalous zone. Where are lakes created by a meteorite, centuries accumulated spiritual energy of our ancestors * _

So it is no coincidence Muromtsevsky anomaly has attracted the attention of people from around the world, not by chance a legend about the famous five lakes. The water in each of them — Daniel, Linevo Haven, Urman and secret — not only amazingly clean and soft. She is still, and health, as evidenced by many researchers. And it is believed that water taken from all five lakes at once, you can not just treat the wounds, but even resurrect people.

There is only one problem here. Place the four lakes known exactly, and the fifth, Darkest, hid knows where. Hence its name.

Legends are legends, and people have long used the power of the Five Lakes. For many of Omsk Danilovo and Linevo Lake are favorite vacation spots. And our entrepreneurs do not waste time. For example, a corporation "Omskvinprom" a year developed in the laboratory of drink recipes, carefully studying the unique properties of water Muromtsevsky. It turned out that it is saturated with silver, iodine, minerals, and thus becomes a clean, soft, healing.

The real proof of its magical qualities felt by the employees themselves Omskvinproma. Once one of the employees of corporation, to know who knew about the natural wonders accidentally scored water from the lake and even forgot about it. Only a few months later he found "treasure" in the trunk. It turned out, the water in the bottle is still perfectly clean and tasty.

This case and suggested the idea of creating a new high-end product. Indeed, despite the huge number of labels, what are full of wine and spirits departments of all the shops, the demand for high-quality beverages remains unsatisfied. This may explain the rapidity with which the name "Five Lakes" has gained popularity. About her already too are legendary, they say, great drink, and the head does not ache in the morning!

The high quality of the "Five Lakes" is determined by several conditions. First, the water, on the basis of which the drink is made, its own flavor. She is a lively, natural, rich in various trace elements, transfers energy source. It's not that distilled water, which is used by well-known western companies. It was a taste of natural water gives vodka an extraordinary softness. A mineral complex of the Five Lakes neutralizes the harmful effects of alcohol on the body.

Second, the alcohol that is taken for the manufacture of the "Five Lakes", is also special — Tula. * At Tula alcohol has the best distilleries in Russia, including the famous "Crystal". * High-quality alcohol is made only from grains of wheat elite varieties that are grown specifically for this purpose in the edges of the solar Russia. Moreover, when applying for a Omskvinprom it undergoes further cleaning — especially for the "Five Lakes" purchased modern equipment. And before becoming a component of the product, certainly tasted alcohol — to evaluate the taste of the people can only.

Third, compliance with technology at all stages of production strictly controlled. In a corporation, a clear rule: quality — the value of immutable. It provides and European equipment and advanced technology, and people's attitudes to their work. It can be said in every drop "Five Lakes" — not only the silver and gold of the north of Omsk Russian south, but also a great work of employees.

The exhibition "Omskprodopt", held an international exhibition center "Intersib" at the beginning of April, the "Five Lakes" received a gold medal. The expert commission unanimously assessed as flawless product. And rightly pointed out not only the delicious taste and high quality "Five Lakes", but also a great decoration.

So do not go looking for "Enigma" happiness in distant lands. Just go to the store — there are lakes of quality beverages. And, it is possible that the most lurking just hiding under the label "Five Lakes".

"Commercial messages ", Omsk, n37

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