Fighter pilots in Kamchatka increased the intensity of flights three times

Ministry of Defence since 2011 has increased the intensity of the Kamchatka Flight Fighter Squadron Air Force and Air Defense of the Eastern Military District (BBO) is three to four times.

"Every week is conducted several flight shifts. In previous years, a number of flight changes were worked out in a month ", — said Martin.

He stressed that the main task of the fighter squadron is the "performance of combat duty in air defense, air defense of the borders of the Russian Federation." "This calls for continuous improvement of flying skills and commitment to the entire personnel of the department. Aircrew Squadron prepared for combat duty, day and night ", — said Martin.

Also fighter pilots "work through the interaction and conduct combat training with other branches of the military TSB in joint exercises and training," said Martin.

He said that much younger aircrew squadron. "The average age of the pilots is 30 years, with the level of training and qualification category increased by an order", — said Martin.

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