Fighting vehicle «Cornet-AM» (photo)

Fighting vehicle
In the midst of «land» Recent aviation prazdnichka in Zhukovsky, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Russian Air Force, attention lured fighting machine multipurpose missile system «Cornet-AM».

This non-stop high-precision missile system to deal with ground and air targets with automatic noise-well laser beam control system. Provides effective defeat lightly armored and armored vehicles, fortifications and subsonic aerial targets (cruise missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles, tactical and army aviation).

The affected area:
Nearest border — 150 m
distant border — 10 km
low height — 0 m
greatest height — 9 km
quantity directly engaged targets — up to 2
Target speed — 0 — 250 m / s
Ammo — 16
ready for shooting — 8
reaction time — 4 — 6
time embattled from the march — at least 7
Fighting vehicle
Fighting vehicle

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