Finished equipping the first stage of the new greenhouse complex in Krasnodar region

More than 8.3 million Euros have been involved "Rosagroleasing" for the project to equip the first stage of the greenhouse complex in Belorechinsky district of Krasnodar region, as part of the lease agreement with LLC "Fruits of the Krasnodar Territory." Overall in 2011, the state agricultural leasing company plans to finance the construction of greenhouses in the amount of 75 million Euros.

Construction progress may be monitored in real time using webcams

In 2011, among the priorities of the "Rosagroleasing" substantial attention will be paid to the implementation of projects for the construction of modern greenhouses. "To date, the country requires the introduction of intensive technologies of vegetable greenhouses in the area of about 600,000 hectares," — said General Director Valery Nazarov April 11 in Samara, adding that the company will actively engage in the financing of projects to build greenhouses. In 2010, with the participation of "Rosagroleasing" began equipping the first phase of the greenhouse complex in the Kuban. Complex area is 32.2 m and consist of 3 turns (2 to 10.6 m and 11 m).

The project provides enterprise growing cucumbers and tomatoes by low-volume hydroponic greenhouses in winter. The technology used is modern and provides a competitive advantage to agricultural producers with an expected yield of up to 78 kg per 1 sq.m. year.

Technological solutions adopted in the construction of the greenhouse complex formed by the most advanced developments of the world leaders manufacturing of process equipment for greenhouses that will provide high quality products, high productivity and energy efficiency.

Unique drip irrigation company Nitafim (Israel) with compensated drippers uniform watering and feeding nutrient solution at a distance of 200 meters, will provide a more accurate supply required amount of fertilizer plants and minerals.

Evaporative cooling system (Shioda) — a unique system to ensure optimal indoor climate greenhouse humidity levels and temperatures during the hottest time of the year. Shioda can reduce the temperature inside the greenhouse in summer by 6-8 degrees compared to the outside temperature conditions. This avoids thermal stress for plants and significantly increase productivity.

At the moment in the construction of the first phase is completed range of construction works of a zero-cycle greenhouse complex and carried out a full supply of the entire set of process equipment and structures. In April, the assembly will be over 10.6 hectares of greenhouses designs, plans to start seedlings department offices and planting vegetables in the first part of the greenhouse complex. In late June, is expected to complete the assembly and manufacture of the first harvest.

The market of greenhouse vegetables in Russia is largely met through imports and its share is increasing regularly. This happens because of the reduction of supply of Russian producers, because of the gradual disposal of decommissioned old greenhouses and low volume construction. Equipping of new production facilities, taking into account the specific territorial and climatic regions can sustain crop production at a competitive level.

Real-time, all visitors can watch the process of creating and equipping of greenhouses, the pace of construction and installation, and other phases of the project. Access the link…c4pjm1kv9jj73gucne76o631.

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