Finnish Forest Industries accused Russia of violating WTO rules

Finnish Forest Industries (Finnish Forest Industries Federation, FFIF) accused Russia in violation of WTO rules. As the head of the Russian radio station Yle direction FFIF Jukka Halonen, Russia prevents the export of unprocessed softwood internal regulations.

According to Jukka Halonen, the Finnish forest industry companies are still unable to start the import of softwood timber from Russia, despite Russia’s accession to the WTO last summer. The cause of the problems are internal orders Russia, complicating export.

According FFIF, Russia banned the export of unprocessed softwood companies in arrears on rent forest. Most Russian logging companies have outstanding lease forests, Halonen said.

The second obstacle to imports of Russian timber are disagreements between Russia and the EU on the definition of categories of softwood. According to Jukka Halonen, Russia is trying to protect its timber industry, violating WTO rules.

Meanwhile ……………….

In January 2013 Russia has reduced year on year export of unprocessed timber by 3.8% to 1,212.6 thousand m3 (non-CIS countries — by 3.5% to 1,193 thousand m3 in the CIS countries — 21.5% to 19.7 million m3), stated in the Federal Customs Service of Russia (FCS). The total value of exports of raw timber has dropped by 10.3% to $ 116.3 million

Exports of sawn timber in January increased by 11.4% to 689.3 thousand tons, the value of exports increased by 6.3% to $ 215.7 million lumber supplies to foreign countries increased by 11.7% to 527 thousand tonnes in the CIS countries — 10.6% to 162.3 thousand tons

Exports of plywood increased by 7.9% to 123.4 thousand m3., including in foreign countries — by 10.4% to 109 thousand m3, and the CIS countries — declined by 7.6% to 14.5 million m3. The total value of exports of plywood from Russia increased by 9.4% to $ 68.6 million (non-CIS countries — increased by 12.4% to $ 60.5 million, in the CIS countries — decreased by 8% to $ 8.1 million).

Pulp exports in January increased by 2.9% to 157.1 thousand tons, to foreign countries exports rose by 3.2% to 151.5 thousand tons, and in the CIS countries — decreased by 5.1% to 5.6 tons total value of exports decreased by 4.7% to $ 80.7 million (in foreign countries — by 4.7% to $ 77.2 million, in the CIS countries — by 8.1% to $ 3.4 million).

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