Firefighter car of Ruzhimmash successfully passed acceptance tests

The prototype of a new kind of car — tanks, reservoirs for firefighting trains — has been praised by the interdepartmental commission, composed of heads of departments of "Russian Railways", as well as representatives of other agencies.

Customer data of the work is the state represented by the association "Innovative car building," conceptual design was developed by designers of "VNIKTI" (Kolomna), and of "Ruzhimmash" became a developer working drawings and manufacturing base for the new model.

This is a new and not the usual order for the enterprise. Specifically for him designers of the enterprise together with "VNIKTI" was designed by a new kind of car. It is designed on the basis of a three-meter tanks for petroleum products. Among the significant differences upgraded products oldest samples are much larger volume, the presence of electronic temperature sensors, water level occupancy, powerful lamps and use of modern insulation materials with improved thermal characteristics. Fire train is designed to eliminate fires and accidents on railway tracks, as well as to assist with fires in the area, located within walking distance from the railway track. At present, the railways of Russia in the fire trains runs a total of 600 (!) Cars. The new products will replace the outdated fire trains, manufactured 20-30 years ago.

"Today, the work to improve the level of fire safety is under the personal supervision of the Prime Minister Vladimir Putin — said General Director of" Innovative car building "Sergei Barbarych. — And the creation of a modern, technologically advanced fire trains — one of the most important points of this work. Therefore to participate in this project were involved in only the most reliable company car building. "

Until the end of the year "RUZKHIMMASH" will produce ten tanks, reservoirs and two platforms, which will join the five firefighters trains. Two of them will be equipped with unique robots LUF-60, which are themselves in the automatic mode will extinguish the fire. These trains firefighters have no analogues in the CIS. One of them ordered the Russian Emergencies Ministry to send in Sochi, the second gain of "Russian Railways". However, in the course of the company inter-departmental commission for acceptance tests, it was decided to increase the series of tanks, reservoirs up to thousands of units. Innovative products of the company are interested representatives of the CIS.

In early August, two tanks, reservoirs and platform manufactured by JSC "Ruzhimmash" will be officially presented to JSC "Russian Railways", and in early September — are represented on the international railway exhibition "EXPO 1520".


"MC Holding RKTM" manages production companies leading industrial holding Russian Transport Engineering of "RKTM", created in 2007 by combining the assets of the rapidly developing business of car-building complex "Mordovia Wagon Plant" (CME Group) and the capital of OAO "Russian Machines ( Moscow), Russia’s largest diversified holding company, which unites more than 26 machine-building production association.

At the perimeter of the "MC Holding RKTM" consists of "Ruzhimmash" JSC, "Bismuth" Company "VCR-STEEL", JSC "Neon", LLC "VCR-Service", OAO "Saransk Plant dump trucks", OAO "Mordovia Wagon Plant "JSC," ECM-Engineering. "

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