Firemen’s Black Sea Fleet assisted MOE in firefighting

At the request of the Operations Coordination Centre (EAC) in the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine’s Black Sea Fleet Sevastopol fire (BSF) have assisted in extinguishing the fire, which originated in the city TV tower.

Under conditions of strong gusty winds, contributing to the rapid spread of the fire, there was a need for the involvement of additional forces.

Chief of Staff of the Black Sea Fleet, Rear Admiral Alexander Nosatov at the request of the Ukrainian side decided to send to the place of fire, two fire brigades center logistics Black Sea Fleet, which, in collaboration with colleagues from the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine and the fire of the Naval Forces of Ukraine quickly localize the fire.

This year, at the request of EAC MOE fire brigades Black Sea Fleet 9 times brought to extinguish fires on the territory of Sevastopol.

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