Firm orders for the AN-63 aircraft reached 2ms

Upgraded AN-2 (Antonov An-2ms) — aircraft, which is already included in the Guinness Book of Records as the main aviadolgozhitel planet — will once again produce the Moscow Aviation Repair Plant in Balashikha. 42 years later, after the corncob has been discontinued, the second wave of demand for it has come from private pilots, airlines and regional structures of the MOE. Aircraft manufacturers have already secured orders for several years to come.

"This plane should take in air transport is about the place that takes lorry transport in ground" — inspired members of the mock-up committee chief designer Oleg Antonov, presenting a prototype machine in 1947. Antonov himself called his creation "vezdeletom" for a record ability to sit down and take off from the sites of small size.

The country councils An-2 was operated under secret slogan: "Do everything to fly anywhere." It is pollinated field and put out the fires, monitors the status of oil and gas pipelines, was used as a photo-geological, gidrorazvedchik and "flying 12-seat minibus", linking together communities from the Arctic to the Mongolian steppes.

Neither the Soviet megastroyka not get along without ever laden with heavenly "colt", as codified An-2 NATO (colt — colt, the foal). Baptism of fire of the peace worker was on the Soviet-Chinese border in the 60s, where "processed" Red Guards crowd with teargas spray.

The Chinese government estimated "Annushka" on the merits. At present, China is the only country that continues to serial production of the An-2. Only with a new engine, modern avionics and called Y-5 ("Yunshuchzhi-5").

In the Russian aircraft production was discontinued in the 70’s, but still in the register of civil aircraft is registered ships of the Russian Federation in 1435 "vezdeletov." For 42 years dropped only half the fleet — a good indicator of demand.

— The new AN-2ms turned out beautiful in every sense. Anyone with a little smyslyaschih in aviation at a glance realize what a big job done — says Mikhail Kovalev, chief engineer for the new technology of the Moscow Aviation Repair Plant DOSAAF (IRPA), the facilities of which will be the serial modernization "Annushek" .

The prototype, developed SibNIA them. Chaplygin, the main initiator of the revival of the An-2, landed on the IRPA in the autumn of last year.

— No one heard him flew up and began to enter the gate, — says Kovalev.

Former deafening noise repeatedly declined by the main innovations — American turboprop engine TPE331-12U firm Honeywell, which replaced the old piston domestic
-62IR. Along the way, a 1.6-fold increased range (up to 1400 km), a 10% reduction in fuel consumption (now it’s not super-expensive aviation gasoline, kerosene and quite affordable TS-1). As a result, the cost of flight hour decreased by almost five-fold, from 24 thousand rubles (An-2) to 5000 (An-2ms). Thanks installed in the engine compartment of diesel generator for stand-alone on-board battery charging services at the start of aviation technicians are not needed. A outstanding runway performance has become even more prominent: reversible motor from Honeywell allows you to land almost on the spot.

Outside, the "flying tractor" has become more elegant — the nose-snout stretched out in a shiny beak, and more comfortable inside — new heating system maintains a comfortable temperature even in strong red for a bot.

However, critics of the new project abound. Opponents believe that the machine is obsolete a long time ago, it’s time to move to more modern examples of aircraft. But this claim rejects the chief justice — the market.

— Nine months MoT looking aircraft for local airlines, and only on the AN-2ms customers lined up, — said Vladimir Badger, director SibNIA them. Chaplygin. — To date, the order book has 63 aircraft. Customers — private owners and regional airlines. Just yesterday, it was a statement of intent from China to modernize nearly 700 aircraft. In words, there is an agreement with Kazakhstan on 200 machines, has received applications from other former Soviet republics. However, we are not asking for money from the state — except that assist in the regulatory and legal matters.

According to experts SibNIA, local airlines Russia need 540-560 updated "vezdeletah." Thus, the "Anna" still flying. No wonder aviaspetsy called An-2 "eternal plane".

Daniel Il’chenko

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