First defeat of the White House in the information war against the Kremlin

  • "Who poses the greatest nuclear threat?"
  • "Who poses the greatest nuclear threat?"

Back in 2012, in July, the staff Pew Research Center (Pew), who worked on the project "for excellence in journalism," came to the conclusion that «YouTube» — a new kind of visual journalism. This service — the third most visited site of the "world wide web".

A notable phenomenon in the past year on the service «YouTube» TV news was the company «Russia Today», supported by the Russian government. At that time, she has created 22 of the 260 most popular video «YouTube». In second place in 2012 was an American channel «Fox News». Here it should be noted that most of the movies of this channel was made available in the network is not the supporters and critics of the company. 

In his last days gossekretarskie (February 2013), Hillary Clinton was forced to admit that the U.S. is losing the global information war. These words were not in the family conversation with Bill, and in an address to Congress. Hillary believes that the U.S. State Department propaganda are necessary as new media and money. In an interview with correspondent «RT» Gayane Chichakyan Secretary of State admitted, that looks transmission «RT» and complained that private American media can not cope with advocacy efforts. With the American media has successfully compete «CCTV» (China), «Al Jazeera» (Qatar) and «RT». Blatant and Hillary did not hide the fact that the U.S. is in a state of information war with Russia. And in this war to win victories «Russia Today», and not some «CNN».

"We are in a state of information war, and we’ll tell you straight, losing this war! «Al Jazeera» wins. The Chinese have built a global television network, broadcasting in English and other languages. Russian created English-language channel. I saw it in a few countries, and it was very instructive. "

According to Clinton, the United States during the Cold War, "did a great job," denouncing its policy stance to the world. The mistake was that after the fall of the Berlin Wall, America relaxed. And now have to pay for this "high price".

Hillary has complained that the U.S. private media is not able to fill the gap that has formed after the Berlin relaxation. Not only are these most private media pursue, according to Clinton, the objectives are contrary to American values and generally nasty Americans (the latter was not specified). What are the transmission of the great harm America? It turned out that the TV series "Baywatch" and shows the world of wrestling. An Afghan general said Hillary, that, in his opinion, all Americans involved in fighting and walking around in a bikini.

Continuing the interview, Gayane Chichakyan noticed that, if five years ago, at the western channels, including «BBC» and «CNN», had a monopoly on the coverage of world events, it now becomes more and more viewers to the various foreign media — "for fresh look at the events. " The journalist explained that clips «RT» on «Youtube» have nearly 300 million views, while «CNN» — only about 3 million. Western monopoly — behind. People need to be multi-polar thinking. Regarding the coverage of unrest in the Middle East and North Africa, here bypassed Americans «Al Jazeera».

In Europe, too, recognize the victory of «RT». German «Tagesspiegel» writes, that the success of the Russian TV network has changed the position of the weights of bowls: the West was at the bottom, in a defensive position. The Germans say that today «RT» along with "Gazprom" and the arms trade — the most effective tool of Russian foreign policy.

For eight years, the Kremlin managed to create a counterweight to the state «CNN» and «BBC». Today the audience of the Russian TV channel has 630 million people in more than one hundred countries. More than two thousand employees provide round the clock broadcasting in four languages: Russian, English, Arabic and Spanish. In the UK «RT» 2 million viewers watching — there is the most popular foreign language in addition to English-language channel "Al Jazeera".

On the pale background of how «CNN» and «BBC» speculate about North Korea and broadcast on new sanctions, the Russian television channel reported that Syrian rebels took hostage of UN peacekeepers, depicts Assad victim rather than the perpetrator, and the rebellion against it refers "a joint project of the CIA, MI6 and Mossad." In another report — the plot from Pakistan: disgruntled people protesting against U.S. drone strikes. Finally, the American soldiers B. Manning proclaimed at «RT» political prisoner and a hero.

In the end, the audience appears duplicitous, through fake world of Western politics.

Back in 2010 launched a large-scale advertising campaign «RT», designed, among other things, the agency «McCann Erickson». "… One poster, U.S. President Barack Obama is mutated in Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, accompanied by a suggestive question," Who poses the greatest nuclear threat? "On the other NATO soldiers can be seen turning into a Taliban, and the question:" The terrorist threat comes only from terrorists? "

Success «RT», said German journalists can find followers — for example, if the Chinese «Central Television» is generously funded and become a global network that broadcasts in several languages, the Western democracies have hard times.

To conclude, I should add that contributed to the creation of a "very instructive" and "a fresh look at the events" and make other Russian information resources existing in the network space, "Centennial", "Strategic Culture Foundation," "however," "True . py "," Voice of Russia "and, of course," Military Review ", daily updated content is high time to translate into English.

Surveyed and commented Oleg Chuvakin
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