On March 15, the area number 2 aircraft repair plant in Bydgoszcz made the first flight of the MiG-29 Polish Air Force with refreshed avionics. Aircraft Modernization focused on the extension of the combat potential of the former Russian fighters, the armament of the Polish Air Force.
Modernization of aircraft tested 23rd Air Base Minsk Mazowiecki.
Program from flight tests conducted three pilots from the air base Minsk Mazavetski and Malbork. The program includes a test using real instruments (in the main cannon) in the 21st Air Force training center in Nadazhitse.
All modernized «MiGs» as report to receive the latest avionics by the end of next year.
Makeover kit includes a change in the analog to digital avionics, including new bortovik and data bus, which can be connected to additional devices.
In addition, mechanical gyroscope is replaced by a laser system will be installed and functional digital map screen.
As reported, «MiGs» remain in service until 2028-30 years. Data bus will allow subsequent configuration onboard equipment, if needed.
RAC «MiG» is also involved in the program extension service for 20 years.
Was changed operational programm — «MiGs» should not be renovated every 800 flight hours, they will be operated in accordance with their technical condition.
Polish «MiGs» already passed modernization few years back, the purpose of which was to adapt to the standards of NATO cabin (inscriptions on the devices in the UK version).
It should be noted that the Polish «MiGs» not so long ago got the latest coloring with portraits of the pilots who took part in the Battle of Britain. Images posted on the keels.

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