First ice in the Olympic Park

In the Olympic Park was a test namorozka ice on the two arenas. This is the playground of the Ice Sports Palace for figure skating and short-track and the Little Ice Arena. The casting rolls performed by Russian specialists, technologists, with extensive experience in major sports venues in Russia.

"Testing the ice fields — and this is an important stage — said vice-president of" Olympstroy "Alexander Gornostaev. — We check not only the quality of the ice surface, but also the work hladotsentrov, pipes through which the coolant flows. We can already say that the testing of the two fields was successful. All work carried out efficiently and in a timely manner. "

Masters brewed ice for several days. First up was carried out commissioning of refrigeration equipment. Machine-refrigerators lowered the temperature of refrigerant to minus 9-14 ° C. The cold liquid that does not freeze and crystallize, began to circulate through the tubes, built-in concrete slabs. The total length of the tubes in each field was more than 20 kilometers.

Within 24 hours of the surface temperature of sports fields fell to minus 5-7 ° C. Cold and polished to a mirror shine ledovary concrete poured water from a hose. Ice is frozen for several hours in thin layers. Having increased "rough ice" 1.5-2 cm thick, icy crust painted in white. Special paint is allowed to make the field for which "look" dozens of lamps, even more vivid. Built up on top of another 3 centimeters of ice. Thus, the total thickness of the ice surface was 4-5 centimeters. After pouring ice processed by hand and gives the surface perfectly smooth, monolithic form. At the Little Ice Arena, which will host ice hockey, ice light on an array of specialists have caused markup.

To monitor the status of ice were equipped with special sensors that can detect temperature changes in certain areas of the field. "The sensors mounted in the" Goals "- is part of a unique temperature control system, which is equipped with Arena — said the representative of" UMMC-Holding "Sergei Tutushkin. — This system allows you to monitor the temperature of the field is remote, there are thousands of miles away from the Olympic Park with the help of the Internet. "

Lowering or even lowering the temperature by one degree is very important for athletes. "Skaters love warm," soft "ice, with a temperature range minus 3-4 ° C. Ice for the skaters, by contrast, cold and hard. He is almost 2 times colder "figure", — told the leading engineer in the manual "Winter Palace of Sports" Iceberg "" Olympstroy "Sergei Pliner. — Therefore, the "Iceberg", which is designed for figure skating and short-track for — skating on the short track, is considered to be unique. It can be programmed for different temperature settings for different sports. "

For device and test rollers took about 100 days. Most of the time was spent on the installation process for namorozki ice slabs, which are multi-layered ice cakes of different materials, including pipes and high-strength, cold-resistant concrete. It is able to withstand 200 cycles of freezing — thawing. Given the fact that the fields are thawed once a year, the concrete will serve as at least 200 years.

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