First mezhpoliklinichesky radiology center opened in Yakutsk

First mezhpoliklinichesky radiology center, which along with the X-ray and ultrasound machines running a CT scanner expert class, opened in Yakutsk on the basis of city hospital № 3. Every week he will be able to serve up to 60 people.

"The spectrum of methods of radiation diagnosis has increased significantly, now equipped with urban health is not only the usual X-ray and ultrasound machines, but also the computer tomograph expert class. New unique features of the imager will better diagnose diseases of the heart, brain, spine, and cancer, increasing quality and safety research and accelerating the process of treating diseases, "- told the agency.

According to him, a CT scanner that works at the center, different definition images, as well as to perform a four-volume study and less radiation exposure.
Trained medical staff serving scanner, has already begun work. Weekly center can cater for up to 60 people. Surveyed for the new CT scanner will be able to all residents of the city — with the direction of his clinic everyone will be diagnosed in the new center.

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