First MFC Kurgan open for the cloud platform of Rostelecom

Kurgan branch of "Rostelecom" has provided modern telecommunication technologies first multifunctional center of public and municipal services to the public. These centers are being established in the regions to ensure that citizens receive public services, including in electronic form, with the "one window". The applicant is only required to apply and obtain the required service within the prescribed period, and all the rest of the work, including interagency coordination should hold employees MFC and the relevant state and local government agencies, the press-service of the operator.

At the moment, the center can provide people with 22 state and local government services, such as: the provision of subsidies to pay for housing and communal services, appointment and payment of monthly benefits to pregnant women, the issuance of certificates of marriage, birth, certificates, tickets and other hunting. A list of services will continue to expand.

The work is based on a multi-purpose center cloud platform "Rostelecom": it deployed a cloud solution "O7.MFTS" Rostelecom ", designed to automate the activities of any such center. This approach allows for an inter-agency information sharing and interaction of the participants provide services in electronic form, as well as raise awareness of natural and legal persons of the services provided on the basis of the MFC.

"Rostelecom" has also provided high-speed VPN-protected channels for the transmission of information provided MFC telephony and broadband internet access. For visitors set an "electronic official" — infomat, with which you can take advantage of the portal For advice on the provision of public services in the MFC also established a call-center.

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