First mine fans Sibenergomash sent to the Kuzbass

The plant "Sibenergomash" (Barnaul, Altai Krai) included in the machine-building holding "NOVAEM," first made mine fans. New products businesses — two centrifugal fan gazootsasyvayuschie installation — sent the United Coal Company "JUzhkuzbassugol."

In accordance with the development strategy of holding "NOVAEM" development of new markets, in particular, mining equipment has been identified as a priority area of the production of draft equipment plant "Sibenergomash" in 2012.

The project started in March. The company has set up a special unit in the design office and in the sales department. Already in June own pilot development Barnaul Engineering were presented and generated enormous interest in the international specialized exhibition of mining, "Russian Coal and Mining 2012".

At the beginning of August 1 mining equipment under the brand name "Sibenergomash" sent to the customer.

Two mine fan with Barnaul Engineering will be installed in the Kemerovo region. Production of equipment took place in close contact with the customer. The whole construction is mine fan UVTSG-15BK is original, including the chassis and body connector with special bolting for quick installation. The fan is made on the same frame, which simplifies its installation.

The main purpose of mining fans — pull the methane-air mixture from the output. Lowering the concentration of methane in the mine is safety requirements for which the mining industry has always been high. Manufacturing and design capabilities of the plant "Sibenergomash" to design and produce equipment that meets such high standards.

"Equipment" JUzhkuzbassuglja "- the first mine fans, manufactured in our facility. It is particularly important that they not only made, but designed Sibenergomash specialists. We expect that the mine fans perfectly demonstrate it in practice, and hence a fruitful collaboration with the Kuzbass miners continue ", — The managing director of the factory "Sibenergomash" Nikita Tyurin.

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