First place in the Chinese language took our countryman

Born on the banks of the Sea of Azov guy conquered China! Cyril Chujko took first place at the international competition in the Chinese language. In the contest was attended by over 120 people from 77 countries, reports News.
Kirill started to learn Chinese after school. "Yes, to be honest, I’m shocked myself — still do not know what made me take up this language — Cyril exclaims. — And my mom, knowing my ability to languages insisted that I learned Japanese, but to me the sound of the Chinese language was closer. Besides we all know that everything is made in China! "

Cyril complains that we have created the perfect conditions for the study of European languages, but at least pay attention to the east. "I decided to study Chinese, to test his strength of will, and, perhaps, I have a strong will — boasts Cyril us. — I graduated high school with honors and wrote a scientific paper in English, and go to university could be added outside competition for any profession and decided to try it — and why not Chinese? "It’s funny, but the best expert on Chinese language in Ukraine … have not entered the 5th year of university! "This year, I finished Bachelor Linguistic University (Kiev National Linguistic University). At the 5th year did not, because at the time of entrance examination was in China … And in our ministerial laws do not take into account that if the student represents the interests of Ukraine the world stage, he has the right to pass the exams later, or even on the translation profession to do outside of the competition "- complains Cyril.

In China, he is not going to move, and shared that now his thoughts are not only exotic grammar, but the fair sex, "I’m in love with a girl, she completely won my heart."

Earlier it was reported that radiodiktant national unity without any mistakes wrote only three participants from more than 11,000 — a priest, proofreader and biologists. And only one error allowed 177 participants. <a href=""> Source </ a>

According to Svetlana Chujko, her son offered paid training at any Chinese university graduate for up to three years, meals, accommodation and transfers for the period of study.

Svetlana says that the winner also received the honorary title of Ambassador of the Chinese language in Ukraine.

At the moment, Kirill is in Ukraine, and the rest chooses Chinese university, which is going to learn.

Cyril Chujko finished the bachelor degree at the Kiev National Linguistic University, graduated with honors.

According to the mother, the young people will continue to study in China.

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