First Regiment Yarsov in full atonement for combat duty


MOSCOW, August 9 — RIA Novosti. The first missile regiment Teykovskogo connections in the Ivanovo region, armed with the latest mobile ground missile system "Yars", recently has taken up duty in full force, told reporters on Tuesday, Defense Ministry spokesman Col. Vadim Koval.

"From August 5, after the intercession on alert third one missile battalion, fully organic to the first combat duty in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation missile regiment armed with the latest mobile ground missile system (PGRK)" yars "," — said Koval.


He said that from March 4, the regiment has taken up duty in the formation of two missile battalions. And even earlier, in 2010, the divisions were carrying experimental combat duty.


"During this period have been confirmed by all the declared tactical and technical characteristics of the missile complex, worked out all the tasks that will confirm the reliability of the new weapons. In June 2011, with the intercession of the development on combat duty the third one this missile battalion regiment was brought up to full staff, "- said Koval.

IDB "yars" (RS-24) with a separating warhead developed by the Moscow Institute of Thermal Technology under the leadership of General Designer Academician Yuri Solomonov. This missile is created using scientific, technical and technological solutions implemented in a rocket complex "Topol-M", which significantly reduced the time and cost to create it.

The tests missiles RS-24 Yars

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