First Russian energy efficient home!

  • Energy-efficient house of Natural Balance ROCKWOOL
  • Energy-efficient house of Natural Balance ROCKWOOL

January 25, 2012 in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny Tatarstan completed the construction of energy-efficient homes Natural Balance. In implementing the project, the company has advised ROCKWOOL in energy-efficient technologies and solutions supplier of stone wool. House Natural Balance continues a series of projects for the construction of affordable ROCKWOOL private energy efficient buildings. The consumption of energy for heating homes Natural Balance is 37.3 kW • h per m? per year, which is 78.5% less than the standard. The house belongs to a class of energy efficiency "A".

ROCKWOOL insulation thickness of 150 to 250 mm Walls, sex, Roof has become a key element to achieve low power consumption of the building. This is not necessary in the building in a conventional heating system. Heating and hot water to the building is provided by a geothermal pump. The house has no radiators, heating occurs due to water floor heating (low-temperature heating system). Investing in energy-efficient solutions has led to an increase in the cost of construction of the building is 22.2%. Annual savings by reducing energy consumption for heating will be 22 125 rubles. per year (the calculation was performed in comparison with the cheapest source of energy for heating — gas). Design of two-storey buildings with a total area of 186 m2 in a traditional style, familiar to different parts of the country, demonstrating the availability and efficiency of energy-saving technologies in conventional buildings. Front of the house — is unique. It is lined with protective decorative panels Rockpanel of stone wool. From the variety of colors for the facade was selected natural color of stone wool, emphasizing the ecological house. House Natural Balance acquired the family that decided to change my usual cottage on green building, allowing to save. "The completed project clearly demonstrates that the construction of energy-efficient cost-effective, accessible and applicable in buildings with traditional designs," — says Director of Marketing ROCKWOOL Russia Group Irina Sadchikova.

Recall that in February 2011, was presented the first energy-efficient house in Rockwool Russia — Green Balance.

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