First Ukrainian became the world champion in chess



Ukrainian Anna Ushenina became the world champion in chess. The title of Queen of chess grandmaster from Kharkiv won in Khanty-Mansiysk (Russia), where the match of the four parties won grinder Antoaneta Stefanova, the press service of Chepionata World Women’s Chess Championship.

In the opening minutes of Ukrainian Anna Ushenina occupied the 32nd position out of 62.

In the first game with a 25-minute control of the White played Antoaneta Stefanova, who won in the opening position by a whisker. However, the Bulgarian grandmaster few hurried with a break in the center and gave the opportunity to reveal a black line and activate his pieces. Position simplified and equalized. In protracted maneuvering struggle white scrambled to confuse the opponent, but Black defended well and were able to repel all threats. On the 89th move, removing from the board almost the entire set of figures chess players agreed to a draw.

In the second game, Anna Ushenina applied white novelty and confusing thanks to a rival, seized the initiative. Antoaneta Stefanova won not only a difficult position to defend, but also spent a lot of time. After the exchange of queens White managed to achieve a spatial advantage, to invade the black rooks in the rear, and then win a pawn. Trying not to go on the defensive, Black tried to activate his pieces, but White stopped counterplay time exchanging one pair of rooks. Soon Anna Ushenina won a second pawn and clearly realized its material advantage.

Account in the final match — 3,5:2,5 in favor of Anna Ushenina. It was the 15th world chess champion.

World Champion Anna Ushenin already congratulated The President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych.  "Thanks to the talent, hard work, professional excellence you have achieved great personal success, given the joy of winning many fans and demonstrated the global reach of the Ukrainian school of chess" — reads the message of the President. Viktor Yanukovych Champion wished happiness and new achievements in sports in the name of Ukraine.

Anna Ushenina 27 years old, she was born in Kharkov. In 2005, she became a champion of Ukraine among women and the bronze medalist of European Championship.

In the women’s national team of Ukraine Anna Ushenina participated in the European championships in 2005 and 2007, the last in Heraklion won a gold medal at the third board for the result of 5 out of 7.

At the Olympic Games in 2006 in Turin played on a spare board, and the team won the gold medal. On the next Olympiad in Dresden with the team achieved third place.

In Yekaterinburg in 2007 at the world team championship played on the 2nd board, the team as well as Anna won the bronze medal.

In Istanbul, the 40th World Chess Olympiad in the women’s national team of Ukraine Anna Ushenina took third place and won on my board 7 points out of a possible 10, making a significant contribution to the final result of the command.

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