Fish farmers have taken care of the completion of the northern rivers

Over the past year hatcheries Arkhangelsk released into the natural habitat of more than 230 million copies of salmon and sea trout. The fish was grown on the state and compensation funds.

In 2011, through the efforts of farmers’ River of the Arkhangelsk region: Onega, Leather, Solza, Syuzma — supplemented by 180.8 thousand individuals of Atlantic salmon (salmon) and trout. According to the press service of the Dvina-Pechora terupravleniya Rosrybolovstva all work on the rearing of these valuable salmon produced with public funds hatcheries FGBU "Sevrybvod."

                    Solzensky salmon production and pilot plant 

 Another 50 thousand specimens of salmon and sea trout were released due to the compensation funds of economic entities, whose activities are detrimental to aquatic biological resources and their habitats. In the Republic of Komi, also included in the zone of responsibility of Dvina-Pechora terupravleniya, fish farmers are sent to the "adult swim" 802 thousand copies whitefish and 328 thousand copies of European grayling.


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