Fish plant worth 87 million rubles. opened in the village Chokurdakh (Yakutia)

August 12, 2011
Built in just three months Chokurdahsky fish factory is focused on exports to foreign countries and will be able to process up to 15 tons of fresh fish.

The plant uses a process of shock freezing fresh fish, so the products are of high quality and does not spoil. The plant will clean the fish, gut, packed in crates, frozen in a special chamber at a temperature of minus 40 degrees … and exported to foreign countries by air.

Trading partner of the plant made firm LLC Sogda-BCE. Oil-Company, which plans to export fish to restaurants Yakut USA. Already this year, the company is ready to buy and sell American restaurants 45 tons of broad whitefish, whitefish, cisco, white salmon and whitefish.

"This is a breakthrough in the development of our district. In the first place, the plant will employ local people, will provide additional income to our budget and increase the level of quality of life, "said he hoped the head Allaikhovsky ulus Arkady peas.

From Yakutsk to Chokurdakh arrived a large delegation, which included Deputy Prime Aisen Nikolaev, State Councillor of Yakutia, Mikhail Nikolayev, CEO of the Trust Fund for future generations of Sakha (Yakutia) Leonid Shitik, Deputy Agriculture Minister Denis Belozyorov, president of the LLC Sogda-BCE . Oil-Company Boris Shakur and many others. Guests were welcomed by the head of the capital’s Ulus Arkady Gorokhov, CEO Anton Malardyrov fishery, the Executive Director, Michael Gabyshev and locals.

"The idea of the construction of fishery I cherished as much as fifteen years. And now, finally, it happened. We built this plant, first to dramatically change the process of storing fish. How many good fish in Yakutia, but few have tried it in the freshness of this: many years, we have kept it in bags and in the basement, and to freeze it for days lying on the beach … How then was it possible to talk about high quality fish?
Now we follow the laws of the market: eviscerated, separate the eggs, milk, liver, freeze at minus forty degrees, glaziruem twice and decompose in a special polystyrene boxes. Width of drawer: eighty to forty, and twenty centimeters height: this is the standard size. After that, the fish in the boxes we send to the storage chamber with a temperature of minus twenty degrees. Other niceties in keeping fish a lot, but this is basic. Most importantly, the fish long after such treatment does not lose its freshness "
— Said the head of the plant Anton Malardyrov. Note that the container in Chokurdakh made themselves into a polystyrene plant, which has recently started to work too.

As further emphasized the CEO, in the construction of the plant has taken part in almost all the population Chokurdakh. Even in the most of the company until today occupied seventy-five people, mostly, as was evident in the tour of the factory, women. "The locals are happy to go to work, this is really fun," admitted Malardyrov.

A lot of parting words said chokurdahtsam Mikhail Nikolayev. "Image Chokurdakh through the fish will be declared not only Russia, but also around the world. Your fish — piecework, rare fish. Therefore, you should follow international standards, you have to do a lot of hard work and that no scales are not lost in vain. With the development of fisheries will be possible to revive and reindeer, besides your land rich in gold, in the direction you need to move quickly, too, and it is true, "said the first president of the republic. He also expressed hope that the government of Yakutia will support and help in issuing licenses to local residents on the development and extraction of alluvial gold in the Allaikhovsky district.

Mikhail Nikolayev during a meeting with residents Chokurdakh introduced the first potential buyer of fish: President LLC Sogda-BCE. Oil-Company Shakurov Boris, who said that at the conclusion of a cooperation agreement, will be able to export Allaikhovsky fish in major retail outlets America. "I have tried various fish of the seas and oceans, but your fish is special, a real" he said.

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