Fisheries of the Kaliningrad region. has received new equipment, school buses Bashkiria

In the Kaliningrad sea fishing port solemn transfer of the Kaliningrad State Inspection Fisheries 15 cars — the three "Fields" and UAZ twelve different versions.  

Arrived at the head of the Federal Agency for Fishery Andrei ceremony Ultra, inspectors handing the keys to the new machines, stressed the importance of this event for the industry and the region as a whole.

— For the first time in 15 years the Kaliningrad fisheries inspectors have received such a weighty technical recruitment. Fisheries carport updated more than half — told the "Russian newspaper" the head of the West Baltic Territorial Administration Rosrybolovstva Maxim Buduratsky.

According to him, addition to the "Fields" and UAZ, all staff inspection, patrolling the waters area, received three powerful speedboats that will overtake the poachers.

On the "Fields" as specified in the management, employees of state control peresyadut who go to the companies and organizations to test the economic activities for compliance with environmental requirements on the UAZ — Inspectors of the supervision and protection of living aquatic resources. Technical re-equipment will enable the more effective the struggle against violators of environmental laws and fishing regulations.

Five new buses and 700 laptops Sterlitamak received under the modernization program of general education. 
Laptops have got mostly primary school teachers, and those teachers who work in the system AIS (Automated Information System).

As explained by the Chief Inspector for Education Department of Educational Administration Sterlitimak Svetlana Karimova, the use of new technology will allow for more active use online resources in the classroom and in extracurricular activities will make learning more interesting and fun, will provide high-quality implementation of the federal state educational standards.


Five new minivans, including the four "Peugeot" in 22 places and a "Gazelle" for 11 seats will be reserved for the education department of the city administration. Vehicles meet the requirements of safety when transporting children and will bring students to the various national contests, competitions, contests, the website administration Sterlitimak.


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