Fishermen Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands caught a 417 thousand tons of pollock

According to the Sakhalin and Kuril Territorial Directorate of Fisheries, fishing situation in the mining pollock stable.

In less than 11 months in 2012 caught 417 tonnes of pollock at 025.9 decorated with 450 746.1 tons of permits and the total quota 484,635 tonnes total catch of the islanders was 346,350 tons

Since the beginning of 2012 57 Island companies issued 526 permits for fishing aquatic biological resources, including for the implementation of 328 industrial and 189 — Coastal Fisheries. In the fishing crews attended 91 of the vessel of all types.

Issue on vessels fish production of 22 items was 222.8 thousand tons Its export deliveries totaled 79,640.3 tons, to the territory of the Russian Federation — 40,652.6 tons





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