Five new Mi-8 AMTSH Terminator arrived at an air base in the Khabarovsk region BBO

"Five new Mi-8 AMTSH already arrived at an air base in the Khabarovsk region TSB within the state defense order," — said the TSB.

According to the military, the first batch of "Terminator" pilots took the company in the Republic of Buryatia, Khabarovsk to overcome airbase helicopters in the air about three thousand kilometers.

Army aviation units of the Eastern Military District (OIE) by the end of 2013 will have more than 40 new transport and attack helicopters, nicknamed "The Terminator", said Friday TSB.

As detailed in the report, the Mi-8 AMTSH its predecessor Mi-8 MT carrying capacity and arm, equipped with navigation equipment, night vision goggles and allows to fly in any weather, even under poor visibility conditions.

Khabarovsk, September 20 — RIA Novosti.

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