Five simple rules to be happy

One donkey farmer fell into the well. He screamed terribly, calling for help. Farmer came running and threw up his hands: "How did it get there?" Then the owner of the donkey judged as follows: "my ass — old. He has not got long. I’m still going to buy a new colt. And well, anyway, almost dried up. Long I was going to dig in and dig a new well in a different location. Why would not do it now? same time and bury the donkey to not hear the smell of decomposition. " He invited all his neighbors to help him dig a well. They all took up a shovel and began to throw the earth into the well. Donkey immediately knew what was coming and began to publish a terrible shriek. Suddenly, to everyone’s surprise, he fell silent. After a few shots of land a farmer decided to see what’s down there. [Cut] He was amazed by what he saw there. Each piece of land that fell on his back, the donkey shook the crush and feet. Very soon, to everyone’s amazement, the donkey show at the top — and jumped out of the well! … In life you will meet many different kinds of dirt and every time life will send you all the new and the new portion. Whenever fall clod, shake it up and rise to the top and the only way you can get out of the well. Each of the arising problems — it’s like a stone to go to the creek. If you do not stop and do not give up, you can get out of any of the deep well. Shake it off and climb to the top. To be happy remember five simple rules: 1. Free your heart from hatred — Forgive. 2. Free your heart from worry — most of them do not come true. 3. Lead a simple life and appreciate what you have. 4. Give more. 5. Expect less.

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